ad Dakhiliyah Governorate offers wonderful perspectives on palm forests and desert trees against a background of superb, high mountains with their pinnacles enclosed by cloud.

Verging on the Governorate of Muscat toward the north, the Wusta Governorate toward the south, the Sharqiyah. Governorate toward the east and the Dhahirah North ,and South Batinah Governorates toward the west, the Dakhiliyah is the Sultanate’s vital hinterland and connections Muscat with the different governorates.

Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate has eight wilayats – Nizwa, Sumail, Bahla, al Hamra, Manah, Adam, lzki and Bidbid. It is wealthy in financial and normal assets and has various vacation destinations including posts, mansions, towers, old private quarters and notable mosques.

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The Wilayat of Nizwa has a renowned and forcing fortification, a few old mosques and a customary souq, while Bahla Fort is one of the fortunes of the human legacy. Misfah al Abriyeen in the Wilayat of al Hamra is an awe inspiring case of a “hanging town”, while the wilayats of Adam, Manah, Izki, Sumail and Bidbid offer the guest a scope of fascinating highlights, both old and modem.


To empower the travel industry in the Dakhiliyah Governorate the administration is building up the al Hootah Cave in the Wilayat of al Hamra, which is really one of the marvels of nature. The old mountain passes on the inclines of al Jabal al Akhdhar and Jabal Shams have been reestablished to give chances to trekking and experience the travel industry and camps have been set up for vacationers and week-end explorers.