Jebel Shams As soon as the summer comes, many of the states of the Sultanate become a permanent and even distinctive destination in the summer, as the atmosphere becomes moderate in the morning and cold at night time, and it is one of the tourist destinations that attract a lot of tourists, and it is a distinctive destination that attracts many is Mount Shams, which attracts tourists with what they enjoy It has wonderful tourist advantages.

Jebal Shams combines with its plateaus and hills a terrain diversity that enables it to be a destination in all seasons, whether for recreation and relaxation and also for enthusiasts to practice many sports, the most important of which is mountain climbing, so many tourists from different countries of the world flock to it to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

The first thing that comes to mind when wanting to visit Jabal Shams is to enjoy the cold weather, where the temperatures are low, and therefore the visitor will be able to go from Muscat for about two and a half hours, passing through the historically and archaeologically ancient states such as Bidbid, Samail, Izki, Barakat al-Banana, Nizwa, Bahla, and Al-Hamra. Which was distinguished by it in terms of the wonderful traditional markets that display various textiles and handicrafts, as well as seeing many Omani castles and forts that tell an eternal history, and the visitor can, during his destination of the mountain, refuel from the filling stations located in the state of Al Hamra and supply from some shops, restaurants, and others to buy some Trip requirements, and then continue walking through the internal road, and see the new residential plan on the right and left of the street to the headquarters of the Al-Hamra Club, as well as the population centers in Al-Ghaf node, Dhahrat Al-Awar, and Al-Jarifat, and then the villages of Al-Nakhr Wadi Ghul, as the ancient village of Ghoul overlooks the agricultural oases On the other side is the village of Al-Duwaihir, whose dwellings were built in a modern architectural style to harmonize the modern and the old in the prosperous and auspicious era.

The place is unique in the moderate temperature in the summer, the cold that reaches freezing and snowfall in the winter, and Jabal Shams rises approximately 3100 meters above sea level by about 12 thousand feet, and this attitude helped change the climate from the rest of the regions in the Sultanate.
Jabal Shams is the destination of many climbing hobby companies, and also lovers of the cold weather among visitors, citizens and people of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and residents as well, as for the European groups, they prefer to reach Jabal Shams once they are in the Sultanate, and the picturesque nature of Jabal Shams attracts a lot Of tourists and mountaineering enthusiasts, and due to the abundance of tourism in this site, the Ministry of Tourism placed a fence that enables people to see the faults (the deep chasm) at the bottom of the mountain, and the terrain formations in Jebel Shams gave the opportunity for many researchers in geology and geography to study the rock formations and components Mountain nature in the Sultanate.

On their way to the mountain, visitors will enjoy seeing the Great Fault or the Great Gulf, in addition to beautiful rock formations, ancient homes and agricultural oases.
Among the scenes that remain stuck in the mind when visiting Jabal Shams are the moments of sunrise, when the rays of the sun shine sending their strings at the beginning of the morning on the slopes of the mountains of Shams, as well as at sunset in a wonderful view that gives the soul joy, calmness, tranquility and the pleasure of the scenes that the Creator created in this environment. Unique mountainous, relaxing natural vocabulary to spend a quiet day away from the hustle and bustle of cities and urbanites.

about what enjoys Jebel Shams and the facilities provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Department in the Governorate of Ad Dakhiliyah: The Governorate of Ad Dakhiliyah is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Sultanate, as the governorate is rich in unique natural, historical and cultural tourism assets, and at the forefront of natural sites are the mountain heights, including the Green Mountain and Jabal Shams. The cold weather in winter and mild in summer. What distinguishes Jabal Shams is the presence of rock fissures on the side of the path of the road rising to its summit, and Jebel Shams is also distinguished by the presence of ancient villages, various wild trees such as bot trees and the fragrant smell, as well as some old crafts and handicrafts, as Jabal Shams is considered one of the destinations The tourist attraction that attracts a lot of tourists, and is a distinctive destination that attracts tourists when visiting the governorate with its wonderful tourism advantages, also because of its distinctive natural formations and beautiful archaeological and heritage monuments that tell the heritage and civilization of the Sultanate and the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah in particular.

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