Bahla is probably the most established town in the Sultanate. Archeologists taking a shot at an unearthing program in Bisya and al Ghubrah found destinations dating from the third thousand years BC, while an old falaj found at al Ghubrah – in Wadi Bahla – is likewise accepted to date from the third thousand years BC.

The Wilayat of Bahla is 200 Kilometers from the Governorate of Muscat. It verges on the wilayats of Nizwa toward the east, Ibri toward the west, Adam toward the south and al Hamra toward the north. With a populace of 51,278 and, an assortment of common highlights including watercourses, springs and mountains, its towns incorporate Bilad Sait, al Ghafat, Bisya, Seefam, al Habbi, al Ma’mur and various others. The most popular of its watercourses are Wadi Quriyat, Wadi al A’la, Wadi al Nakhr, Wadi al Shar’ and Wadi Bahla, and its springs incorporate Wadhdhah, al Huwaidhar and Ain Seefam

The heap of Jabal al Kawr with its bushes and natural product trees is one of the wilayat’s most particular mountains and lies on the outskirt between the Dakhiliyah and Dhahirah Governorates. From a separation it would appear that a tremendous vault. There are a few towns, caves,wadis and springs on its slants including the towns of Sint, Ma’wal, Sant and al Rahbah.

It is an alluring territory for sightseers on account of its delicate atmosphere, clear air and fragrant trees, and guests can appreciate the chance to wonder about its astonishing stone arrangements, especially along the course of Wadi al Naht.

The Wilayat of Bahia has various aflaj, including the aflaj of Meetha, al Mahdath, al Basyani, al Ghuwaif, al Ajrad, al Tufail and al Madra.

Bahla Fort is the most well known antiquated landmark in the wilayat and was the main Omani site to be added to UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage in Danger list in 1988.

Bahla Fort is practically triangular fit as a fiddle and is encircled by rough outcrops and channel like gorges.

The Wilayat of Bahla’s old souq, which has held its unique character, is as yet a bustling business sector today and sells Omani items just as imported merchandise. The tree in the souq is many years old.

Somewhere in the range of ten Kilometers from the focal point of the wilayat is the celebrated Jibrin palace in the town of Jibrin.There are a few old destinations in the Wilayat of Bahla. Salawt, close to the town of Basya, has an old history and almost every town has a couple of towers.

Bahla is probably the most established town in the Sultanate 40