Bidbid’s most striking element is its flyovers, which give the main methods for access to the principle blood vessel streets which travel the wilayat, and it has embraced them as its symbol. Explorers will likewise be struck by the palm forests which develop along the banks of the channel in the town of Fanja and encompass the more far off towns of al Amqat and Hamim like puffs of green cloud. The Wilayat of Bidbid has been depicted as the “grinning mouth” of the Dakhiliyah Governorate and the junction between the Governorate of Muscat and the Sharqiyah, Dakhilyah, Dhahirah and Wusta Governorates and the Governorate of Dhofar. Everybody going from any of these Governorates to Muscat needs to disregard the Fanja flyover, which is a dependable, quick street in any event, during the stormy season. Since the principle double carriageway has been finished, a subsequent flyover has been worked over Wadi Fanja, so it currently has two flyovers.

Around 70 Kilometers from the city of Muscat, the Wilayat of Bidbid lies underneath the Hajar mountain extend where it isolates into the Western Hajar and the Eastern Hajar. It verges on the wilayats of Sumail toward the south, Dima wa’l Ta’een toward the east and the Governorate of Muscat toward the north.

Itt has 53 towns, the most popular of which is Fanja; a portion of different towns incorporate Naf’a, al Khawbi, al Khatam, al Qadha’iyah. Seih al Mu’aidin, Ghillat Awlad Hamad, al Burj, Mazraa’ Bint Sa’ad, Sa’al, al Amqat and Hamim. The greater part of them are cultivating towns which rely upon the aflaj which incorporate Falaj al Raha and Falaj al Hammamiyat – for their water system.

The wilayat’s most well known spring – Ain al Awainah in the town of Naf’a – is a famous outing spot. The channel that partitions the wilayat in two is a great spot and numerous a lovely hour can be spent unwinding on its banks, especially during the stormy season when it turns into a quick streaming waterway. The date gardens add a delicate touch to the scene with its rough slopes, while Wadi Sa’al with its orange-blooming forfar trees is well known for its springs.

The wilayat is additionally acclaimed for its old fortresses and the towers roosted upon its slopes. Bidbid Fort is thirty meters high and has two towers at its western corners. Hamim has another great post. Bidbid has around forty towers including the towers of Fanja, Naf’a, al Manathirah and Amqat.