Izki has the absolute most established sites in the Dakhiliyah Governorate. The remaining parts of structures and tombs from an old human advancement a great many years old, which can be seen on the ridges neighboring the town of Zakeet, incorporate various little round towers like the towers of the Bat culture. The Wilayat of lzki – 130 Kilometers from the Governorate of Muscat – lies underneath the inclines of the mountain massif of the Jabal at Akhdhar, which shapes its western fringe. It verges on the wilayats of Manah and Nizwa toward the west and south, Sumail toward the north and a few towns of the Wilayat of al Mudhaibi toward the east. A portion of the better-known about its 26 towns incorporate Zakeet, al Qaryatain, Seema, Muqazzah, Qala’at al Awamir, Habl al Hadid, Umtay and Qarut.


Aside from its old landmarks, the wilayat’s most unmistakable highlights are watercourses and open desert. It has various fortifications, strongholds, towers and old private quarters, the most significant of which is Izki Fort, which lies between the towns of Nizar and al Yaman and is said to have been worked during the rule of Sultan Said container canister Sultan Al Busaidi. Its most huge stronghold is the fortress of Qala’at al Awamir, which was fabricated three centuries back and remains on a rough hillock. The wilayat’s 142 little towers in the wilayat – most towns have in any event one – incorporate the reestablished tower of Wadi al Hajar in Izki . In the town of al Muqazzah there is an old Friday mosque dating from 1029AH/1619AD with a gypsum-covered mihrab set with coated stoneware ornamentation.

Nizar and al Yaman are cultivating towns and get their water from a falaj called Falaj al Malki, just as from artesian wells. Their palm forests mix in agreeably with the slants of al Jabal al Akhdhar, which lies on their western side. The wilayat is divided by Wadi Halfain – an amazing green channel with ghaf, sumr and sidr trees.

The old souqs of Izki and walled private quarters incorporate lzki’s beautiful souq, which sells groceries and rural produce and clamors with life between the noontime and mid-evening supplication consistently, however at no other time. The locale of Harat Bani Hassan has a few old houses with wide passage doors and a profound spring called Ain al Maghabbah, which just runs dry during intermittent times of extraordinary dry spell. The spring of Ain Sa’anah is a well known cookout spot and improves al Yaman’s magnificence and charn.

Izki has the absolute most established sites in the Dakhiliyah Governorate2