Ad Dhahirah

ad dhahirah It is a semi desert plain which inclines from the southern idiot of Al Hajr AI Gharbi Mountains towards the Empty Quarter. It is isolated from A’Dakhliyah Governorate by AI Kur Mountain toward the East; it joins the Empty Quarter from the West and Al Wusta Governorate from the south.

ad dhahirah Governorate comprises of three wilayats: Ibri,Yanqul and Dhank. Ibri town is one of the local habitats found around 279 kilometers one of from the capital Muscat. Wilayat Ibri is recognized for its special area which gets the Sultanate together with different territories in the Arabian Peninsula. Moreover, it was an intersection for the business guards since long. It has a great deal of chronicled places, for example, fortifications, posts among which are Al Salayf Fort, Ayn Al Hadith and Ayn Al Janah.


The travel industry has become an unlimited and boundless industry, but instead winter quite a long time after year, public the travel industry is an essential mainstay of the economy and an overall central in propelling turn of events and accomplishing local area thriving, and the Sultanate is wealthy in various and unmistakable common the travel industry resources that give testimony regarding the significance of its set of experiences.

In the region of Al-Dhahirah with its three states: Ibri and pass on your misery, the flawless nature and legacy treasures are clear, changing between mansions, posts, caverns, mountains and valleys, and afterward it is the Ibri stronghold and Beit Al-Marah in the state, exterior, façade, façade, façade, one, façade, one, façade, façade, façade and other façade on the remnants of Bat in the Wilayat of Ibri, which is the second An archeological site enrolled with UNESCO,

This wonder appreciates a desert marvel with its virgin desert over the majority of the zone of ​​the area and the spread of different kinds of wild trees, for example, Ghaf, Sidr and Samar. Check whether it is very much misused for the clan of another traveler resort, and from here we discover this marvel, with its regular segments, a view that qualifies it to be an objective for sightseers

To be a vacation spot? In a travel industry conviction for the travel industry for the sake of the travel industry in the governorate, particularly the time of the year that appreciates moderate security and airspace by making handouts and initial flyers on legacy and the travel industry places in the governorate and expanding the travel industry programs that pull in sightseers and calling for getting sorted out celebrations and multiplying to arrive at a condition of the travel industry possibilities in some The archeological regions in the governorate have not been utilized appropriately.

The travel industry and interest in the travel industry area, the travel industry, by building up lodgings, cafés and parks that satisfy the desires of vacationers, and interests in legacy fortunes and normal assets for people in the future, which gives extra an incentive to the public economy.

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