ad dhahirah It is a semi desert plain which inclines from the southern idiot of Al Hajr AI Gharbi Mountains towards the Empty Quarter. It is isolated from A’Dakhliyah Governorate by AI Kur Mountain toward the East; it joins the Empty Quarter from the West and Al Wusta Governorate from the south. A’Dhahirah Governorate comprises of three wilayats: Ibri,Yanqul and Dhank. Ibri town is one of the local habitats found around 279 kilometers one of from the capital Muscat. Wilayat Ibri is recognized for its special area which gets the Sultanate together with different territories in the Arabian Peninsula. Moreover, it was an intersection for the business guards since long. It has a great deal of chronicled places, for example, fortifications, posts among which are Al Salayf Fort, Ayn Al Hadith and Ayn Al Janah.