Yanqul When you enter the Wilayat of Yanqul the main thing you will see is the pile of Jabal al Hawra – which the wilayat has embraced as its symbol – standing gatekeeper over Yanqul like a guard.

It is so named on the grounds that its shading resembles the shade of the houris, who are popular for their excellent pink appearances.

It verges on the Wilayat of Ibri toward the south and east, the Wilayat of Dank toward the west and the Wilayat of Sohar toward the north. It has around 70 towns. Vacation destinations in the Wilayat of Yanqul incorporate the captivating Wadi al Rakiy with its trees and fine perspectives. The town of Sudairain is eminent for its bounteous water and delightful landscape, while al Waqbah town is known for its numerous channels and cool temperatures. The town of Baiha is additionally acclaimed for its fabulous view. Its channel, which streams from the mountains, is its bestknown include. Of the wilayat’s various of aflaj, the most popular are Falaj al ‘Ulu, Falaj al Muhaidith and Falaj al Khabourah.