Dhank lies at the focal point of the Dhahirah Governorate. Its neighbors are the Wilayats of Buraimi toward the north and west, Ibri toward the south and west, and Yanqul toward the east.


The wilayat has a recognized history. It has 16.622 occupants and 48 towns. The imams of prior occasions checked out Dhank, as can be seen today in Falaj al Bazili in the west of the Wilayat and the “Imam’s Fort” in its focal region. Falaj al Bazili was developed by Imam Saif canister Sultan AI Yarubi, who developed broad regions around it, while the “Imam’s Fort” was redesigned by Imam Azzan container Qais. Ibn al Rumtha assembled Al Oud Fort in Safalat al Wahshi. Different fortifications in the Wilayat incorporate al Shiraya’, al Subaikha, al Marqu’, al ‘Aqr, Doot, al Jafrah, Balat, al Khilli and al Fath. There are likewise six towers: al Saghar, al Taff, al Ghafah, al Khilli, Abu Kariyah and al Qala’ah.

Aqueduct Dhank is one of the Wilayat’s fundamental visitor locales. Other well known spots are Wadi al Fath and Wadi Qumaira.

The Wilayat is plentifully supplied with falajes underground water assets and springs. Its falajes incorporate al Sadd, al Sima, al Muhaidith, al Taff, Salalah, Qumaira, al Rahbah, Balat, al Fath, al Janbi, al Khilli and Khamat. Its two springs are al Musaifiya and Bani Saa’idah.

Dhank – Oman: The town of Dot is one of the towns in the Wilayat of Dhank in the Governorate of Al Dhahirah, situated in the focal point of the state, around 15 km away from its middle, and encompassed on the north side by a progression of mountains that meet with the mountains of the Wilayat of Yanqul and from the south are the towns of Al Mamour and Al Mazem of the Wilayat of Ibri and from the east the town of Sfala A payment, and from the west, the mountains of the state community.

Speck is a farming town popular for developing the best assortments of palm trees, for example, “Al-Khalas, Al-Khunaizi, Al-Fard, Abu Maan and Al-Hilali”, where the town held a celebration for dates as of late, and those palms stretch out over an enormous region of ​​the town on the banks of the valley to stop the guest to appreciate watching the beautiful perspectives on palm trees, and is additionally renowned for developing Vegetable and organic product trees, for example, grapes, mangoes and guavas, just as developing animal grain, for example, hay and weeds.

the town’s true, says there are two flajs used to water the town’s trees, one of which is the Dawoodi falaj that floods different harvests and is influenced by dry season. Individuals have utilized the assistant wells to take care of it, and the other falaj is known as “al-Muduth” falaj, and the Al-Afli dam is being developed in the town, which will add to Feeding ground wells and expanding the water level in the town, as this dam is being built to the detriment of the individuals and under the oversight of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.

A guest to the town of Dot can meander its traveler and archeological attractions, for example, the archeological stronghold of Dot, a few pieces of which actually take the stand concerning the authentic profundity of the town and the individuals used to meet in it to counsel among them to accomplish what serves the town’s advantage and needs. There is likewise the old post of al-Maasara and it contains an old mosque worked during the rule of Imam Azzan. Receptacle Qais.

There are likewise various old mosques in the town, including Al-Khaba Mosque, Al-Lambajah Mosque, and Halala Mosque. The town is celebrated for its number of caverns, mountains, and valleys. The caverns incorporate “Majdal Cave in Wadi Surur and Ibn Ajlan Cave in Wadi Al-Afli and Hamid Amer Cave in Wadi Halalah”, and the mountains incorporate “Qarn Al Kutmulah Above there are old slows down for ponies, the pile of the year Al-Sahd, and the pile of squares, “and the valleys, including” Al-Afli, Halalah, Malak, Kadas, Sorour and Peace.

A traveler, regardless of whether from inside or outside the Sultanate, can meander around the old paths in the town, for example, Al-Mudri area, Al-Manajir, Al-Bilad, Al-Ramla, Al-Dhahriya, and their zones, for example, Dot, Al-Fulaij, Haradhi and Salama statures, which used to have a spot at the highest point of the mountain where water gathers and is designated “his train” and used to take care of the town with water before.

The town is likewise renowned for reproducing thoroughbred types of camels, as the individuals are quick to take an interest in the game of ardha races and mazneh inside and outside the state, particularly during public occasions and occasions, in the province of Dhank.

the manager of the game of camel dashing in the town of Dot The camel rearing has gotten extraordinary consideration from the individuals for quite a while.

Where they are excited about raising the thoroughbred ones from them and arranging the Al-Muzaina and Al-Arda races in the town and outside, where the primary camel rivalry was coordinated in the town in 2013 AD, where the quantity of camels partaking came to around fifty camels, and the individuals additionally practice the specialty of making fronds and raising animals of different sorts, and raising bumble bees from the great varieties, profiting.

This is because of the spread of homesteads over a wide zone of ​​the town, the presence of tamarind and sidr trees, and the presence of certain ranches between the mountains that establish a fruitful climate for raising colonies.

demonstrating that the town of Dot addresses a delightful vacationer location for guests who can spend wonderful occasions under the shade of its trees in the valleys and between its forests Green. and one of the scenes that attracts the guest to this town, the “Farfara” tree situated on the town’s center street and covered with greenery consistently.

An individual from the state chamber explains that the town had numerous accomplishments in the favored Renaissance period in different help areas, for example, power, water, transportation, correspondences and training, and there are two schools, one for guys and the other for females.

And the town has been connected to the state place by a cleared street and perhaps the main street projects in the town is the development of a street moved. Fada-Dhank, who added to renewing the travel industry development and the development of social correspondence with different towns and towns in the Wilayat of Dhank.

connecting them to the Wilayat of Yanqul, and connecting Al Dhahirah Governorate with the North Al Batinah Governorate through the street connecting the conditions of Yanqul and Sohar.

The town additionally saw the execution of various inside streets to encourage development between its different districts and neighborhoods.

Dhank lies at the focal point of the Dhahirah Governorate

Dhank lies at the focal point of the Dhahirah Governorate 2
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