Dhank lies at the focal point of the Dhahirah Governorate. Its neighbors are the Wilayats of Buraimi toward the north and west, Ibri toward the south and west, and Yanqul toward the east.

The wilayat has a recognized history. It has 16.622 occupants and 48 towns. The imams of prior occasions checked out Dhank, as can be seen today in Falaj al Bazili in the west of the Wilayat and the “Imam’s Fort” in its focal region. Falaj al Bazili was developed by Imam Saif canister Sultan AI Yarubi, who developed broad regions around it, while the “Imam’s Fort” was redesigned by Imam Azzan container Qais. Ibn al Rumtha assembled Al Oud Fort in Safalat al Wahshi. Different fortifications in the Wilayat incorporate al Shiraya’, al Subaikha, al Marqu’, al ‘Aqr, Doot, al Jafrah, Balat, al Khilli and al Fath. There are likewise six towers: al Saghar, al Taff, al Ghafah, al Khilli, Abu Kariyah and al Qala’ah.

Aqueduct Dhank is one of the Wilayat’s fundamental visitor locales. Other well known spots are Wadi al Fath and Wadi Qumaira.

The Wilayat is plentifully supplied with falajes underground water assets and springs. Its falajes incorporate al Sadd, al Sima, al Muhaidith, al Taff, Salalah, Qumaira, al Rahbah, Balat, al Fath, al Janbi, al Khilli and Khamat. Its two springs are al Musaifiya and Bani Saa’idah.