al Khabourah is 178 Kilometers from the Governorate of Muscat and fringes on the Wilayat of al Suwaiq toward the east, the Wilayat of Sohar toward the west, the Wilayat of Ibri toward the south and the blue oceans of the Gulf of Oman toward the north. It has 76 towns.

Al Khabourah has seven mansions (the most popular of these is the château of Bani Said), just as twenty-one strongholds including al Khabourah Fort – a square structure alongside the ocean with a round pinnacle and an overwhelming wooden door, which was reestablished in the year 2000. Date-palms, limes and organic product trees can be found in bounty in the wilayat’s very much watered aqueducts and around the little towns that lie halfhidden among the mountains. Hints of the past might be found in Wadi al Hawasinah and Wadi al Sarmi, renowned for their new water springs and aflaj.

Channel al Hawasinah is one of al Khabourah’s most popular and most rich aqueducts and its mountain setting makes it a magnet for guests. Among the most appealing of its thirty towns are Hijjah, al Rafi’ah, al Badi’ah (with its old dam, which is 200 meters in length, four meters high and three meters wide), al Washihi, al Hamimi, al Rak and Saddain. The channel’s various springs incorporate Ain Saddain, Ain al Ma’abela and Ain al Owainah, while its pools incorporate Hawdh al Khajour, Hawdh Hammad, Hawdh al Buwaidhah and Hawdh al Hamimi.

The wilayat’s high mountains with their caverns, precipices and tree-studded inclines are home to wild creatures, for example, the lynx, gazelles, foxes, wolves and desert bunnies. A 26-Kilometer drive from al Khabourah indirect will take you to the going to the towns of Wadi al Sarmi, which is likewise a well known spot with guests looking for the marvels of nature. Strung out like dots on a neckband for a separation of 70 Kilometers along the streams and rock developments of the watercourse lie al Dhwaihir, al Rakkah, al Sahirah and a few different towns and villas. Watercourse al Qunut and Wadi Halhal are additionally – charming channels and definitely justified even despite a visit.