Wadi Al Maawal AL Batinah South Sultanate of Oman, has Eight towns are unstable flawlessly along either side of Wadi’l Ma’awil – Afiy (the focal point of the wilayat), Habra, al Wasit, al Tawiyah, Muslimat, at Maraighah, at Lajal and at Ghubrah. The Wilayat of Wadi’l Ma’awil likewise includes a portion of the Wadi Mistal towns – Amsa, al Hail, Jama, at Jilah, Hasma, Qays, Miyaqa’ Wardat Muwaizah, at Shabik, at Safa at Abyadh and at Mutali’.


Wadi Al Maawal is 115 Kilometers from the Governorate of Muscat and outskirts on the wilayats of Barka toward the north, al Awabi toward the south, Nakhl toward the east and Rustaq toward the west.

It has various destinations of chronicled enthusiasm including the fortresses of Hajarat at Sheik, Bait at Matma’, al Mitla’, at Hajarah (in the town of Muslimat), Habra, al Hail, Bani Sulaimah, at Sharjah, al ‘Aali, at Sharqi, al Muhaidith, at Mahyul, Bait at Khandaq, and at Rowshan (in the old quarter of the town of Muslimat).

There are additionally fifteen towers in the wilayat including the towers of at Hajarah, Shamis, al Muqairshiyah, at Souq, at Hail, Sabah Raf’ah, at ‘Uyunah, al Shamisi, Miftah and al Suwaifih.

The mosques of Al Safalah and at Hajarah are two of the most seasoned mosques in the wilayat and were fabricated a few centuries prior.

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The ranches and plantations of  Wadi Al Maawal are taken care of by some twenty-two aJlaj which incorporate – among others – the aflaj of at Washihi, al Malki, al Nabaa’, al Ladghi, al Ghubrah, al Sbaikhah, al Hail, Umtay, at Buwairid, al Mahiyul, al Wasit, Bu Halfah, al Zawradi, al Marin wa’l Hadith, al Awainah, al Harf, al Safari and the high temp water falaj of al Saleel.


There are likewise four springs – Ain at Shibli in the town of Afiy (its waters are famous for their adequacy in treating skin illnesses), Ain Bani Naseer, Ain al Qishsh and Ain Qays.The most regular dates are khalas and mabseli; different organic products incorporate bananas, papayas, limes and sweet oranges.

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In the town of Ally – the focal point of the wilayat – you will discover the jackfruit tree, which was brought over from Zanzibar two centuries back. This exotictree, which is one of the wilayat’s tourist spots, is nineteen meters high and its trunk is a meter and a half thick. Its leaves are like the leaves of the bidham a (kind of almond), yet thicker. 

Wadi Al Maawal  It starts to bloom simultaneously as the date palm and its long fragrant blooms are comparable in appearance to the narcissus. Its enormous natural product resembles a gourd, yet it is thorny and its tissue is like the substance of the mango. It has a sweet taste and a solitary organic product can weigh as much as ten Kilograms. The natural product starts to mature in June – for example during the mabseli gather – and individuals perceive that it is ready when it starts to turn yellow. The ready natural product has a wonderful fragrance.