Al Buraimi Governorate is famous for its vital strategic and commercial location, located in the northwest of the Sultanate, and due to its height above the sea and the availability of water (valleys and aflaj) in it, it was a path of trade and was characterized by the cultivation of wheat, palms and fruits. Al Buraimi Governorate includes many forts and castles, the most important of which is Fort ((Al Khandaq) ), Fortress ((Al-Hilla)), Fort ((House of Peer)), Fort ((Al-Khubayb)) and others.


Mahdhah is flanked by the Wilayat of Buraimi Oman and the United Arab Emirates 9

Al Buraimi city 

Al Buraimi Governorate is famous for its vital strategic and commercial location 1


As Sunainah is one of the states of Al Buraimi Governorate Oman

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Al Buraimi Governor is witnessing the implementation of a number of important developmental and vital projects that will constitute an attraction for the province, and revitalization of the economic and tourism aspects in it, among them are advanced and promising tourism projects not only for Al Buraimi Governorate, but for the Sultanate in general, due to the huge construction and its economic and social return.

Al Buraimi Governorate consists of three states, which are Al Baraimi, Mahdhah and Al Sunnah, and the Governorate Center, Al Buraimi . The population of the Governorate is 72,917 people, according to the results of the General Census of Population, Population and Establishments for the year 2010 CE, and (107,501) people according to the statistics of the National Center for Statistics and Information for the month of July 2016. The number of elected members of the Municipal Council of Al Buraimi Governorate (8) members representing the various governorates

The province of Al Baraimi is found topographically on the immediate halfway point between the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman and explicitly along the city of Al Ain, the United Arab Emirates, and its property region is 4,255 km2, and its populace as indicated by measurements in 2015 AD is 102,911 individuals, and the state incorporates various locales, for example, Hilla, Hamasa, Hafit, And the place that is known for the climate, and the Sahara, and the Sharia, and the Shindagha, and the green Seeh, and the green, and Saa, and bunch.

The state is recognized by its incorporation of various recorded and touristic attractions, for example, Trench Fort, Al Fayad Castle, Beit Bahr, Mall of China, Dar Al Khaleej Fort, Al Hilla Fort, Wadi Al Jizzi Fort, Al Maidan Shopping Center, Al Ain Gift Markets, The Palm Complex, and Lulu Hypermarket. It additionally contains various inns accepting visitors, for example, Al Massa Hotel, Sama Al Buraimi, Al Baraka Oasis, Taj Al Arab, Nafhat Al Baraimi, and Orient House