Al Buraimi city is located on the borders between the Sultanate of Oman and the Emirates and enjoys a set of tourism and cultural ingredients that make it one of the most important areas of tourism in Oman. You can simply put the largest Arab open market, the largest sand dunes globally with a group of forts in addition to archaeological sites, gardens and fertile villages in two large brackets it includes one address, which is tourism in Al Buraimi.

Al Buraimi Governorate is famous for its vital strategic and commercial location 3

Al Buraimi Governorate is famous for its vital strategic and commercial location 6 1

Al Buraimi city is famous for its vital strategic and commercial location

Best Al Buraimi hotels

Al Buraimi city owns a sophisticated group of hotels and hotel apartments that vary in the level of service and prices according to the satisfaction of the guest and guarantees him comfort and safety, and perhaps one of the best and finest of these hotels is what we will offers

Jebel Hafeet archaeological site

One of the most important areas of tourism attraction in Al Buraimi is that this archaeological site reflects the confluence of two civilizations dating back to 3000 years ago, namely the two civilizations of Bat and Umm Al Nar, where commercial caravans came to this site and settled in it, through which you can join a tour organized with the company to see the tombs The beehive that derives its distinctive design from the ancient Bat civilization and watching the pottery vessels belonging to the civilization of Jumada Nasr in Iraq

Al Buraimi Fort

One of the most important tourist places in Al Buraimi, which dates back to two centuries, and the place has gained its fame in the past by having a ditch surrounding it from all sides, so during your trip you can enjoy the beauty of building a fort and winding patterns that decorate the tops of its towers, then pass by the nearby market and buy some handmade souvenirs

Hilla Fort

This fort is of special tourist importance in Al Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman, given that it is the residence of the Omani ruler in the immense periods of the country’s history, in addition to its revealing view of the trench fort, as you can take a tour inside the fort and see its towering gypsum towers of 6 meters, and enjoy the view of the trench fort. Next door or visit before or after your tour of this fort

Al Buraimi Market

One of the most important markets of Al Buraimi city that attracts the attention of tourists during tourism in Al Buraimi and their visit to the ancient city, which is an open market located near the Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Sohar and Al Khandak Fort dating back to the late nineties in order to revive the Omani handicrafts, in addition to selling some of the needs of the national life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can buy souvenirs from traditional handicrafts, such as textiles, silver jewelry, jewelry, and porcelain. You can also visit the nearby trench fort or make a spiritual visit to Al-Sattan Qaboos Mosque.

Town and Wadi Sharm

One of the most significant regions of the travel industry fascination in Al Buraimi on account of its pleasant lavish nature and the palm desert gardens that branch from it, where unwinding and diversion between the greenery of the fruitful valley and the different palm desert gardens that branch from it, or safari and outdoors visits between the prolific valley towns, or joining a pontoon visit in the stream running in the south. the valley.

Al Buraimi Public Park

One of the traveler goals in Buraimi, perfect for families, as it is one of the state’s biggest stops and calm parks, in spite of being situated in the focal point of Buraimi, where you can appreciate a cookout with the family and youngsters, feasting in alluring green spaces or sitting alone in entertainment and unwinding ceaselessly from the groups and clamor.

Al-Buraimi the travel industry and the best vacation destinations

Mountain train

It is a gathering of mountain slants that are secured with greenery with various statures reaching out between the city of Buraimi Oman and Al Ain, the UAE isn’t without a voyage through the travel industry in Buraimi from going through, where you can take a safari visit between the mountain inclines and appreciate the awesome landscape of green with the chance of outdoors.

Outdoors in the Empty Quarter

One of the most significant vacationer exercises that you can do in the city of Al Buraimi, explicitly in the Dheith region or what is known as the Empty Quarter ridges that appreciate hills are the biggest of its sort on the planet, which makes it one of the most appropriate traveler puts in Al Buraimi for working on outdoors movement.