As Sunainah, is one of the states of Al-Buraimi Governorate , about 400 km from the capital, Muscat, and about 90 km from Al-Buraimi, and it is located between the Al-Buraimi and Al Dhahirah governorate and the adjacent states of Dhank and Yuqul.

It was previously known as the Procuratorate of As Sunainah but with the issuance of Royal Decree No. 108/2006 raising the administrative level of the Procuratorate of Al-Sunainah to a state. There are a number of attractive tourist sites and wonderful historical evidences that have their cultural meanings and creative imprints that reflect the extent of ingenuity, genius and excellence that the Omanis have distinguished over the ages


As Sunainah is one of the states of Al Buraimi Governorate Oman

As Sunainah is one of the states of Al Buraimi Governorate Oman tours 5

As Sunainah is one of the states of Al Buraimi Governorate Oman 2

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The state is predominantly desert, and is characterized by its soft sand where sand dunes spread from the Empty Quarter to the west and south The western part of the state, so when visiting it is possible to do adventure tourism, especially setting off in the sand dunes, and this is encouraged by its calm and relaxation. The state is famous for the national camel races, which makes it a continuous season throughout the year to visit, especially from the neighboring countries to enjoy watching the famous camel races

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.. we have  recently visited us, and we talked about tourism and its most prominent features.


Golden hills


At the beginning, Al-Na’abi said: Al-Sunainah is a unique tourist attraction, especially for nature lovers and roaming, as its plains that extend long distances are distinguished by its soft sand and golden color, the spread of palm plantations and rich oases between its flanks, especially in the areas of arms, Hermosa and Aweidah with beauty, joy and exquisite elegance

In addition to the various farms scattered on both sides of the valley with palm trees and green plantations, as well as large areas that include large numbers of trees, trees and shadows with shade, and beautiful places to spend a full day between the arms of nature and its beauty in moderate weather.

wad added: Al-Sunaina includes a number of ancient forts that tell the stories of the ancestral past of the past, and preserve its beauty, defying time with great prestige and prestige. These forts are an important tourist façade, located on a high place of the earth, and are surrounded by palm plantations from all directions and hills of golden sand. They are fragrant from the history and the authentic Omani heritage witnessed by our dear country, Oman.

Hafeet Mountain


Among the most prominent natural landmarks that can be seen in the state of Al-Sunainah are Jebel Hafit (sub-Buraimi) and sand dunes of various natural colors, ranging from light red to dark yellow. Al-Sunainah Province cuts several valleys that descend from the Hajar Mountains towards the Empty Quarter, such as Wadi Al-Fateh. The most important villages in the state of Al-Sunainah are: Ain al-Hilweh, Al-Saliyah, and Al-Qabil.

Jebel Hafeet rises 1,300 meters above sea level and is located in the Hafeet region of Buraimi State, marking the border between the Sultanate and the United Arab Emirates. It abounds in cracks that vary in shapes, such as extended or normal

Twisted or opposite, the mountain is divided into two parts, where it belongs to the northwestern third of the United Arab Emirates and the other part represented by the other two thirds of the Sultanate.

Jebel Hafeet is the largest of several third folds spread across the western sides of the Western Hajar mountain range. This huge mountain is crossed by several valleys that flow along its eastern and western sides, the most important of which is the Hafit Valley

Lanes defied time


wadstars said that the province of Al-Sunainah includes many old lanes that distinguished many of the Sultanate’s states and passed over time and they are of an architectural nature built by ingenious hands of Omani mastery and skill. And they are still up to this day embracing time with their arches and entrances and the diversity of their forms and their bridges they are silent societies and what It remains intact despite.

despite The harsh natural factors that these lanes that have their own meanings go through, how many stories of the past and speeches they witnessed, and how many councils they contained. The beauty and creativity that these lanes pronounced attest to the Omani genius in their designs and decoration, and the sharing of social solidarity and cooperation since the past.

He pointed out that one of the things that can be enjoyed tourist in the wadis state, where there are many well-known valleys, including: Al-Sunainah Valley, Wadi Al-Saliyah, Wadi Al-Sifa, and other valleys, which are tourist attractions for fans of outdoor and luxury trips, and exploring natural air, and its visitors abound especially when it rains and after flowing.

The valleys and the germination of the land with herbs of different colors. This is also equivalent in terms of beauty and sprawling desert areas that are covered with beauty after the rains and attract large numbers of lovers of righteousness.