Al Jazir Located on the south shoreline of Al Wusta, in the north is the Wilayat of Duqm, in the south the Wilayat of Shalim, which is a piece of the Governorate of Dhofar, in the west the Wilayat of Haima and in the east the Arabian Sea.There are around 12 towns in the Wilayat with more than 5832 occupants.

The Wilayat of Jazir like the other seaside Wilayats of Al Wusta – Duqm and Mahut – has various sea shores. The most significant are in the reaion of Rima which is around 50 kms fromKhudra and Khudra Al Jazur where there are towns which profit by free administrations.
The Wadis of ‘Afflict Al Khudra, Wadi Kaisar and Al Sabil, situated on the sea shore have towns with “Samar” trees in them. Madhar and Fadhil sea shores are the equivalent. In favor of Rima there are two auxiliary zones which are a piece of the Wilayat of Jazir – Al Lakabi and Surara

AL Khadhra

The town of Al-Khadra, 20 km from the focal point of the Wilayat of Al-Jazer, which is in the middle of Al-Kohl and Al-Lakbi, is one of the lovely traveler puts because of its enchanting nature

The thick, interweaving tamarind trees structure a characteristic composition of heavenly excellence, as it is a perfect nature a long way from the clatter, its soil ways cross you under the tall trees prompting its ocean and sandy coast and the critical plants with purple roses extending along the sea shores. Early afternoon and their kids swimming in its shallow ocean.

These trees are a location for sightseers to spend their excursions, short-term in lunar evenings, watch birds and antiquated archeological houses that tell the past and history of a period passed by its delightful recollections and the diminutive people utilized for business purposes in the hour of cruising boats, transportation, and travel to the shorelines of Africa.