Duqm It is situated in the south eastern corner of Al Wusta, neighboring the Wilayat of Mahut in the north, the Wilayat of Jazur in the south, the Wilayat of Haima in the west and in the east the Arabian Sea. There are in excess of 4,276 occupants living in around 23 towns.

Regardless of the inclination of the individuals of Duqm to emigrate north, to the Wilayats of the Dakhaliya, during the period they call “the Flood” the climate in the Wilayat of Duqm during the 3 months from June to September is superb summer climate. There is no compelling reason to utilize cooling during this period. This remarkable climate is extremely similar to the pre-winter season in Dhofar. There are various sea shores on the Arabian Sea. The awesome sea shores of Duqm are described by their cleanness, the blueness of the unpolluted water, the virtue of the delicate sand and the breezes which tend to be cool. There is the sea shore of Al Shu’ir, which is around 20 kilometers from the focal point of the Wilayat. Dissipated about are the vacant places of the anglers which anticipate the arrival of their families from the north. Another sea shore is known as the “vacationer camps” by the individuals who show up via vehicle from the neighboring Gulf nations, originating from the Wilayat of Ibri in Al Dahira to invest some energy among their sibling Omanis in the pleasant climate of this Governorate, which being triangular fit as a fiddle pushes into the waters of the Arabian Sea with sea shores on all sides. Ras Madruka sea shore is around 80 kilometers from the focal point of the Wilayat.

Likewise there are a few regions which have normal view and uncommon geographical arrangements making an aesthetic scene drawn by dexterous fingertips ready to epitomize dreams. The Ashtaan zone is an immense low territory secured with green trees and encompassed by Rocky Mountains. It is around 20 km from the focal point of the Wilayat of Duqm toward Sanaw.

The most exceptional aqueducts of Duqm are Wadi Naqaw, Wadi Al Dabak and Wadi Saai which is around 2 kilometers from the focal point of the Wilayat on the cleared street to Sanaw in the Sharqiya.

The one of a kind atmosphere in the Wilayats of Al Wusta and its auxiliary regions is clear while going from the Wilayat of Haima towards Wadi Jalouni, where Jiddat Al Harasis is found. Here the temperature rises astoundingly throughout the late spring months, notwithstanding, on landing in the Al ‘Ajaaiz locale which starts at the Wilayat of Duqm, the temperature drops joined by a virus wind and it remains therefore until the Dhahira Governorate. It proceeds with low during the plummet from that raised territory to the focal point of the waterfront Wilayat which is a couple of kilometers from Dhahar.