Haima It is a huge Wilayat situated in the core of the desert in the Sultanate of Oman.

Neighboring it in the south is the Governorate of  Dhofar, in the north the Dakhaliya, and particularly the Wilayat of Adam, in the east the desert of Rub’ Al Khali and in the west the Arabian Sea.

It is practically mid-route among Muscat and Salalah, 540 km from Muscat and around 500 km from Salalah in the Governorate of  Dhofar.

In the Wilayat of Haima there are some vacationer highlights, for example, caverns. The most extraordinary is the cavern of Al Raki which is situated in the north east of Ja’aluni, water rises up out of this cavern however it isn’t consumable. There is additionally Al Masak cavern which hasearth’s surface. It very well may be reached through an opening with an inclining way. 

The fourth cavern is called Qataar and there is water in it yet it isn’t drinkable. There are additionally, other than the caverns, 3 springs. One of them is classified “Buyi Al Huja” which is an immense stone remaining on a rough establishment framing regular shade.


The second is classified “Al Asla” and it is situated in south west Al Habur, the lower some portion of it comprising of a section of rock, with stones transcending it, additionally giving regular shade.

The third spring is Qarn Alnuz which is described by salt hills.

Notwithstanding these normal traveler highlights there is a cutting edge include in the Wilayat which was first concocted toward the start of the 1970’s by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

His Majesty’s orders set up “the Arabian Oryx Reserve” in Wadi Ja’aluni in the Jiddat Al Harasis which the International Committee of Heritage of Unesco added to its rundown of “spots of World Heritage”. Harasis is viewed as a spot for the travel industry and a significant one for those inspired by the protection of wild creatures and the earth3.



Haima It is a huge Wilayat situated in the core of the desert in the Sultanate of Oman 14