Mahut It neighbors in the north the Wilayat of Mudaibi, which is a piece of the Sharqiya, in the north west the Wilayat of Adam, some portion of the Dakhaliya, in the south west the Wilayat of Duqm, and in the north east the Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu ‘Ali, some portion of the Sharqiya.

There are around 32 towns with 9,761 individuals. It was one of the most significant ports in past occasions. It was well known for transport building and for moving voyagers and merchandise from Oman to India, East Africa and different pieces of the African mainland, conveying Omani items and coming back with products which were not created around then in Oman.

There are three islands in the Wilayat, the most significant is the island of Mahut secured with “Qaram” trees, the island of Jaz with brilliant regular view and the island of Ab which has an extraordinary number of ocean winged animals like the seagull and heron, other than different kinds of transitory feathered creatures. Sea shores in the Wilayat of Mahut are, Kanasa, Las Ruis, Al Khulaf, Bantut, Ras Al Zakhar and Ras khaba Sarab