bidiya One of the most significant locales, in the Wilayat of Badiya is the stronghold which the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture reestablished as of late. It is the fortification of Al Mintarib. There is additionally the stronghold of Al Wasil. This is encircled by four towers, notwithstanding three different fortifications, which are called Al Shaariq, Al Hawiya and Al Ghabi.

Added to the vacation destinations of the Wilayat are the falaj, springs and other lovely places. The most significant falaj are Al Mintarib, Al Shariq, Hatwah, Al Qa’a, Al Jahas, Dibeek, Al Raka, Shaahik, Al Heeli, Al Hawiya, Al Dhaahir, Al Mutaaw’a and Al Ghabee. The most significant springs, celebrated in the Dhahir zone are: ‘Ain Yaya, Habseen, Abu Saheela, Abu Sareema, Abu Ghafa and ‘Ain Al Tamr. Notwithstanding this, nature assumes a lovely job in the Wilayat of Badiya. The earth varies among sand and mountains, the coast and green desert springs. The Wilayat is acclaimed for Arabian pony and camel hustling which happens toward the finish of every week. Numerous aficionados from both inside and outside the Sultanate, watch these races.