Dima Wattayeen, Oman

Dima Wattayeen, Oman In the north it neighbors the Wilayat of Quriyat, which is a piece of the Governorate of Muscat, in the south the Wilayat of Ibra, in the east the Wilayats of Al Qabil and Badiya and in the west the Wilayats of Al Mudaibi and Bidbid, which is a piece of the Dakhaliya. It contains around 51 towns. The narrators state the individuals of the region once raised Arab ponies and traded them to business sectors in India, via ocean. They likewise exchanged them inside to different pieces of the Sultanate and different territories ……thus the narrators relate.


The name Dima Wattayeen returns to the hour of the breakdown of the Ma’rab Dam in the Yemen, when the Arab clans fled to different spots. The Ta’a clan, some portion of the Al Qahtaaina clan plummeted through Wadi Sma’il then came out to Wadi Al Taaiyin, where they settled. A portion of the Al ‘Udnaaniya trib likewise arrived at the channel which is named for them. Shouldn’t something be said about the name “Aqueduct Dima

Dima Wattayeen that the Wadi saw numerous neighborhood wars, which shed a lot of blood (dima) and that the name of the Wadi returns to thos occasions. The Wilayat of Dima and Taaiyin has numerous archeological highlights – posts, towers and old mosques. There are palaces in Al Hamaam, Khabah I and Al Husun. There are likewise 87 towers appropriated among different regions of the Wilayat, notwithstanding an old mosque, which has as of late been remodeled.

The springs, falaj and collapses the Wilayat of Dima Wattayeen are remarkable vacation spots, ‘Ain Falaj Al Mamar, ‘Ain Falaj Al Sakhana, ‘Ain Al Masafaa and ‘ain Al Sakhana being the most significant ones. Al ‘Aqadaani, Al Qaria, Al Luwyaili, Al ‘Ain, Al Taht and Falaj Or are probably the most significant afalaj. The quantity of ‘hot’ afalaj is right around 200. There is one cavern, Ghar Abu Habaan. Watercourse Daiqah is additionally another vacation spot.

Dima Wattayeen is one of the states recognized by the variety of its territory, which joins slants and mountains, encircled by trees and manors along the prolific valleys, giving it a pleasant picture and drawing the sorcery of delightful nature.

The Wilayat of Dima Wattayeen draws in guests for its excellence and wonder and is loaded up with a staggering landscape that diminishes the spirit and calms fatigue, and there are numerous valleys in the express that runs consistently.

It is regularly visited by sightseers from different governorates of the Sultanate on a continuous premise, particularly on true occasions, where the traveler tracks down the proper nature for mental solace and an adjustment of the environment of the home, work, and the typical climate.

The “Samout” region in the state is quite possibly the most delightful vacationer region in it, where water is accessible consistently and is recognized by its segregation from neighborhoods, where the traveler discovers mental solace in congruity with nature and quiet.

One of the traveler destinations is “Al-Shakhra” and it is found three kilometers from the Wilayat Mahlah focus towards the Niyabat Dama Road, where vacationers from various wilayats of the Sultanate visit it’s anything but, a day is vacant on Fridays and Saturdays of every week since it appreciates bountiful water consistently. An outlet to go through a pleasant day between strolling on the two sides of the valley, a distance of multiple kilometers towards the top of the valley. With the site swarmed with vacationers.

Al-Shakhra region needs ideal misuse by the able specialists to be a recreation center that addresses the issues of individuals coming from various governorates of the Sultanate and who cross many kilometers, including, for instance, a hotel that exploits the bounty of water and the pleasant idea of the site with its grand hilly landscape.

One of the popular valleys is Wadi Diqa, which is the social affair point for the different valleys in the wilayat. It is the fundamental and last estuary of these valleys, which closes with the Dam of Wadi Diqa in the Wilayat of Quriyat and afterward depletes into the Arabian Sea.

This site is portrayed by bountiful water consistently, and its magnificence lies in the water social affair and its section from one spot to shape a waterway momentum that draws in the vacationer and enjoyments the spirit with the sound of its streaming murmur and the immaculateness of its running water. Man considers the significance of the Creator for such mountains, and the progression of water among those mountains is the other quality of the enticements of nature.