Ibra – the local place – is a rural wilayat. It likewise has a few specialties and conventional businesses. As respects Masirah Island which is in the Arabian Sea, it is recognized for its key area and for the gigantic and various types of turtles which lay and incubate their eggs in the banks of the island. Ibra In the north and west it neighbors the Wilayat of Al Mudaibi, in the south the Wilayat of Qabil, and in the east the Wilayat of Dima and Taaiyin.

It contains around 70 towns. There are various archeological highlights, manors, strongholds, towers and old mosques.

There is just one manor, Al Dhahir, which is in the Al Yahmadi region which has as of late been reestablished by the Ministry of National Culture and Heritage.

There are five strongholds : Al Shubbak, Farifar, Al Daghsha, Al Yahmadi and Bait Al Qasimi .There are additionally nine towers: Al Qatabi, Al Naasiri, Al Qala’a, Al Mansur, Al Nataala, Al Qarin, San’aa, Al Safah and Burj Al Qarun

The conventional occupations, businesses and melodies of the Wilayat are different. The most significant are: weaving, and particularly weaving customary Omani garments, turning of goats hair, making khanjars and ladies’ adornments, making curios from palm tree leaves and ropes, and calfskin tanning and so on. The businesses are: drying dates and unripe dates, drying lemons, weaving from palm leaves, making customary calfskin merchandise, and gold and silver working.