Jalan Bani Bu Ali It is situated in the south east piece of the Sultanate and is one of the greatest Wilayats. It is a blend of three distinctive geological situations. What are they ? The first is the beach front zone of the Wilayat, the second, the desert region and the third, the farming territory. This blend of situations gives the occupants an assortment of wages. It contains around 137 towns. The coast extends in excess of 170 kilometers, from Ras Al Hadd in the north to Ras Al Ruwais in the south; and dispersed all through are possessed territories. The Wilayat likewise incorporates the desert, with the goal that it is comprised of field, sand hills and channels.

Jalan Bani Bu Ali It is situated in the south east piece of the Sultanate

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Jalan Bani Bu Ali It is situated in the south east piece of the Sultanate 6


The vast majority of the individuals are Bedouin, however these days they are almost totally settled in their regions. Likewise, there is the urban condition where the occupants practice agribusiness and exchange.

In the Wilayat Jalan Bani Bu Ali there are manors, fortresses, towers and old mosques. One of the most significant strongholds is that of “Al Hamouda” which was worked toward the start of the eleventh century A.H. There are likewise some destroyed houses which have been taken over by the Organization of Castles and Forts. One of the chief fortifications of the Wilayat is situated in the Badi’ya region, and bears the equivalent name.”Husn Al Badi’ya”. It was worked around 250 years back. Some different fortifications are: Haasad, Al Lawiya, Jaabiya, Jaabiya ‘Ayun, Al Qatitra, Jaabiya Balidah, and two different posts, one in the Shariy’a region and another in Kaabid. There are additionally 13 towers in different regions.

The Al Jam’aa Mosque was worked in the eleventh century A.H., it is one of a kind in structure and plan and it is comprised of 52 domes in an awesome accomplishment of building, in that its rooftop is additionally secured with vaults. These permit light and air into the mosque. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos had it reestablished at his own cost. The Wilayat of Jalan Bani Bu Ali has a moderate atmosphere all through a large portion of the year, in view of the breezes that blow on to its shores from the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, conveying mists, shower and downpour.

One of the most significant of these breezes is classified “Riyah Al Kawus”, which is especially normal for the Al Ashkara region. This atmosphere initiates numerous Omanis and individuals from neighboring Gulf states to visit the territory throughout the mid year months, and is viewed as a vacation spot for the Wilayat. It isn’t the main fascination, anyway ! There are aqueducts with lush tree development, the most significant of which are: Wadi Saal, Wadi Al Rawdha, Wadi Abu Fashigha, Wadi Al Labida,and Wadi Jarif.

There are various afalaj: Abu Al Hees, Al Dhahir, Al Seih, Hamad, Ziyad, Al Jidar, Al Faleej, Al Rahyaan, Al Jadid, Ghadiraan, Zawid and Bahbouh. There are likewise around 52 springs utilized for flooding the fields, which have an uncommon framework for appropriating the water, like that of the falaj.