Masirah Island is a future destination for family tourism and surfing
 Its summer is moderate and the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Masirah State in the South Eastern Province is a major kiss for tourists and visitors, especially for families throughout the year thanks to the diversity of natural vocabulary, temperate atmosphere and unique tourist sites that characterize this wonderful island, which has not yet revealed its unique tourist store, but its distinction during the summer is the most beautiful indeed, as it is distinguished With moderate air, temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius in most of the summer periods, and they have become truly an attractive environment to spend pleasant times in the embrace of virgin nature, which is still awaiting investment in its tourism and economic components during the next stage.

And in terms of its unique geographical location, this beautiful pearl is located in the southeast of the eastern region, with an area of ​​approximately 640 square kilometers and a length of 95 km. It is a bridge crossing to many regions and countries bordering the coasts of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean and is about 600 km away from the Governorate of Muscat.
Attachment (mirrors) – He visited this rich Omani island with its beauty and through the lens of (Oman), which toured it for five days to observe an aspect of the natural features through the panorama of the place and the details of magic and beauty and enjoy pictures rare in another location in the Sultanate.

Ferry ride

The journey to reach Masirah Island starts from the port of Shanna in the state of Mahut by riding the ferries, and here begins a fun and interesting journey during which the ferries pass through the seas of the sea for about an hour and works on the Shanna fate line a number of ferries through the National Ferry Company along with ferries owned by the people of the island, The journey using ferries is an unrivaled popularity among Omani and expatriate families, especially during summer and weekend vacations.

Masirah Island is a future destination for family tourism and surfing 5

Masirah Island is a future destination for family tourism and surfing 3

Various views

When you arrive at the port, which is located in the heart of the main village, the first heritage features receive you through the presence of a number of traditional ships and boats that landed on the port pier along with old ferries that were dispensed with new ferries, and the second and most beautiful scene welcomes you by watching a number of amateurs Paragliding, skydiving and surfing by special bands to ride the wave in a unique scene that holds the breath of followers and viewers from the sons of Masirah and its visitors and foreign tourists as well, where the lens (mirrors) monitored a group of European teams practicing their hobby during the morning and evening periods, especially with the increasing wind movement Cold noon.

Enjoy the weather

This promising island welcomes you with its wonderful weather and refreshing air. At a time when temperatures reach the rest of the Omani states over forty, the visitor here is surprised by a pleasant atmosphere. During the months of June and July, the south winds, which are locally called “Al Kous”, are blowing with their cold breezes that blow daily without stopping on one hand. The Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean continue to mid-September, coinciding with the atmosphere of Salalah fence every year.

Sandy beaches

Masirah Island is characterized by the presence of various beaches, sandy environments with very beautiful colors and its components that tend to be white form attractive environments for living types of turtles that find an ideal environment for living, as the island embraces rocky beaches and provides the ideal sites for fishing enthusiasts from the beach, where they are a hotbed for various types of Cortical fish that find a great demand from fishing enthusiasts, and some bays and rocky beaches are characterized by the presence of coral, shells and crustacean remains that are reflected by their light at every sunrise and sunset.