Sur town is one of the local communities located around 200 KM from the Capital Muscat and the most significant of Ash Sharqiyah urban areas. It played a verifiable guideline in exchange and route in the Indian Ocean. It was additionally known for transport building, as it was the most famous city in the Arabian Peninsula in transport working in the only remaining century. In addition, to marine movement and boat building, Sur is famous for some recorded touristic places, for example, caverns. It is additionally known wood business. materials and produces various horticultural harvests.

Sur Oman is situated in the northern piece of the Sharqiya coast in the Sultanate. It is obliged on the east side between the Arabian Sea on one side and the Gulf of Oman on the other. From the west, it neighbors the Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid and from the north the Wilayat of Quriyat which is a piece of the Governorate of Muscat, and in the south, it neighbors the two Wilayats of Al Kamil and Al Waafi and Bani Bu Ali and Jalan Bani Bu Hassan. It extends from Ras Al Had in the east to the mountains of Bani Jabir in the west and from Tiwi in the north to Al Faleej in the south. It contains around 112 towns and towns. They depict it as the pearl of the east bank of the Sultanate. It was the fundamental hotspot for mariners for Oman’s naval force, which assumed a distinguished job in sea history. It framed the passage of the east of Oman and was an authentic gathering place for ocean courses. Malik Bin Faham Al Azadi Al ‘Umani embraced it as the capital of his realm in 2500 B.C. When Qalahat turned into a significant urban focus, the Wilayat of Sur thrived. In antiquated occasions, it was a Phoenician settlement, named after a city in south Lebanon. Ras Al Hadd is a piece of the Wilayat of Sur, it neglects the ocean and it is a characteristic harbor for cruising ships. At the point when tempests blow, they can take shelter in the two channels of Al Hajar and Jarama. The region is described by its convoluted channels, which I made an appropriate spot to construct an airbase during the Second World war. It was where airplanes took cover when they required it. Hints of this air terminal can in any case be seen! One of the most remarkable fortifications in the wilayat of Sur is the fortress Al Rafsah which was utilized sometime in the past to watch the fundamental entryway to the Wilayat on the desert street. Now, a solid chain has been put up to stop individuals going in, for wellbeing and safeguarding reason. This fortress was reestablished as of late by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture.” Hasan Bilad Sur” is viewed as one of the most significant fortifications in the Wilayat, it was beforehand the Wali’s posts, utilized as a position of festivity on celebrations and uncommon events. It has likewise been reestablished. There are likewise different Forts like Sinaislah Forts, Ras Al Had, and Ebn Magrib Fort.

The springs, falaj, and caverns are vacation destinations in the Wilayat of Sur. There are some little springs in the bumpy territories, which are utilized to inundate developed regions. There are 102 falajes, which the individuals of the Wilayat use for different reasons. One of the most significant caverns, for which the Wilayat of Sur is acclaimed, is “Majlis Al-Jinn” which is situated in Wadi Bani Jabir. It is the size of seven airplanes and was found by satellite. What’s more, there are the caverns of “Maghart Al’ais and “Jarf Mankharaq”. “Aqueduct Shab” is a touristic fascination in Tiwi.

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