Ras al-Hadd, in the Wilayat of Tire, in the Sharqiyah Governorate, south of the natural tourist sites in the Sultanate, about 37  km from the center of the state Its name was derived from “the border or the edge,” and it is also the first place where the sun rises on the Arabian Peninsula.

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Ras al-Hadd, in the Wilayat of Tire, in the Sharqiyah Governorate, south of the natural tourist sites in the Sultanate, about 37  km from the center of the state Its name was derived from “the border or the edge,” and it is also the first place where the sun rises on the Arabian Peninsula.

It is one of the natural places that is unique in its own attractiveness from the rest of the tourist places, to be the first destination for lovers of the beauty of natural life, and those looking for calm and tranquility. It also features clean beaches, fine sand, great terrain, and mild weather all year round. Its beach is home to some of the rarest species of turtles in the world, where turtles can be seen and observed their customs on the nature, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The “Economist” had a tour of Ras Al-Hadd Prosecution and interviewing residents and visitors, in order to get to know the tourism components that are distinguished by it.

The distinguished location of Ras al-Hadd that separates the Arabian Sea and the Sea of ​​Oman, as well as its openness to the Indian Ocean, made it the focus of international ambitions to control it, so the fort of Ras al-Hadd was built by the inhabitants of the region For protection, it was built on a high plateau overlooking the sea fronts such as: Sea of ​​Oman, Bahr Al Arab and Khor Al-Hagar. The fort consists of a fortress and two towers separated by a large wall with a width of about 3 meters, which is a solid foundation that was built of plaster and stone.

He added: When the tourist or visitor arrives at the fort, a large gate 3 meters long and 2.5 meters wide will meet, and there are seats on either side of the fort’s entrance to host the tribes from inside and outside the prosecution, and there is an estuary above the gate that was built to protect the gate, and there is also a way that is 3 meters wide and 4 wide

There is a waiting hall approximately 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width and 3.5 meters in height, and the castle is located as a defense line with a height of 16 meters and a width of 13 meters, and the roof of the fort is characterized by that it is made of durable teak wood imported from India and black wood imported from Zanzibar, as well as carved wood The hollow is inside and imported from Zanzibar.

The beach and turtle reserve

al-Hadd, told us about its beach and the turtle reserve, saying: Ras al-Hadd beach is about 60 kilometers from Tire, where when it comes to sunset, a large number of tourists and visitors gather to see a wonderful and unique view, where the turtles begin The fledgling eggs emerge from the beach from the beach, and embark on a journey of a hundred years or more, which is a unique experience experienced by tourists in the Sultanate, where turtles abound that choose the Omani coast for an anchorage, to lay their eggs and leave it there. Noting that it comes to the role of Omani concern and protection until its exit from its eggs to launch in the depths of the sea; Tourists choose these times to follow the turtle trip step by step.

On the side of the turtle reserve, he said: On this beach, the green turtle reserve, which is used by the Ras Al-Jinz Beach, which is affiliated with the Ras al-Hadd Procuratorate, is declared annually for nesting, with numbers estimated between 6000 and 13,000 turtles.

He stressed that it was announced as a nature reserve on April 23, and this region is considered one of the most important places where birds abound, as it includes many numbers of water fountains, which are considered a suitable hotbed for most animals, such as stone broths and Gram Creek, as it is distinguished by its importance in the presence of small Crimean trees And coral scattered on the beaches rocks.

“This beach is considered one of the most important areas in which fishermen practice fishing in a large way, and most people practice fishing because it is their primary income.

Diyar Ras Al-Hadd project

Diyar Ras Al-Hadd project, saying: The Diyar Ras Al-Hadd project, which adopts an environment and benefit model for citizens, will provide the environment-friendly project when completed, more than 700 hotel rooms distributed to all hotels. Pointing out that this project will be popular and attractive in terms of visitors, and will contain a market, shops and stores. He stressed that the resort, residential projects and tourist attractions are fully committed to the most important rules of sustainability and responsible management of tourism.

The Ras Al-Hadd region is closely aligned with the emerging trends in the tourism sector worldwide, and upon completion, the project will provide tourists and visitors with a wonderful opportunity to see the unique wildlife in the region, as well as provide broad economic opportunities for the tourism sector in the Sultanate.

Marine bikes project

We had a meeting with, a visitor to Ras Al-Hadd, where he talked about marine bikes, saying: The Marine Bikes Project in Ras Al-Hadd is an excellent tourism project in the full sense of the word, whether it is for Omani tourists or tourists from outside the Sultanate, where the tourist spends a very enjoyable and fun time when cycling.

He added: I will refer to a number of points that I do not consider negative, but from the face of constructive criticism and we ask officials to reduce them, including the place where these bikes are driven is exposed to the passage of fishing boats, and this of course does not give

sufficient freedom to the leaders of these bikes and cause danger to them, in addition to the lack of availability Rescuers to save tourists in the event of being drowned, and there must be first aid in this tourist place in any way, and it is necessary to provide a specialized person to examine these bikes before using them to avoid their breakdowns and endanger their users.