Ras Al Jinz is one of the destinations that promote sustainable tourism in the Sultanate

The reserve enjoys a beautiful natural beauty, where the beaches have fine white sand and a moderate atmosphere throughout the year, in addition to providing visitors with an opportunity to see the turtles close-up, where guests are received and provided with general instructions and applicable laws and the importance of commitment not to harm the turtle by lighting, raising the sound and other instructions And, he pointed out that the evening trip times to see the turtles are at eight thirty, and the tourists are divided into groups that do not exceed every group of 25 people, and the center’s priority is to watch the turtles.

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The second trip begins at five in the morning, which is characterized by watching the sunrise, and being the first region to enjoy the sunrise in the Middle East as a whole, and seeing the turtles in the day is more beautiful, especially with the shine of sand and the sea, after shaking hands with them in the affection of golden sun rays, and at that point Luminous tourists can record unforgettable moments.

The tourist activities practiced by visitors are swimming, surfing, and climbing mountains to witness the splendor of the sea from Ali, and the appearance of dolphins and turtles on the surface of the sea may happen at an aesthetic moment by all standards.

Ras Al Jinz Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms and tents, near the beaches in a natural environment that provides a suitable place for tourists to spend beautiful days that time cannot erase from memory easily as it is away from the noise.

general manager of Ras Al Jinz Hotel, said: The last year, as well as the first quarter of this year, were very encouraging in terms of visitor demand, and there is a steady growth in the number of tourists every year, and we work very well in the winter season as it is the peak of the tourist season in the Sultanate . He added: The summer period represents a season to see the world’s rarest green turtles, an unforgettable experience where tourists will be able to see turtles in their natural surroundings, in addition to that it is a unique opportunity available only in the Sultanate.

Reviews of tourists

Ras Al Jinz Reserve is known for its green turtle embrace, and is considered the most important region where this rare turtle is located in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, so this is the only place where visitors can see the process of nesting sea turtles.
The Sultanate is the nesting habitat of four different types of turtles, namely: green, olive, sage, and sheriff. Also, the period from June to September of each year is the best time to watch turtle nesting so that visitors can observe the scene.

In surveying the tourists who had great experiences, Ashok Bee mentioned that the tourists who visited the turtle beach were very happy and rejoicing in the splendor of the sights and spoke with unprecedented enthusiasm about their unforgettable impressions.
He added: We also found the tour guide knowledgeable and knowledgeable and is a good participant in the interactive sessions, and this is a point worthy of attention and respect.
Kate, a tourist from the United Kingdom, said: We stayed as a family of four in one of the environmentally friendly tents. The tent was well equipped, the food was excellent, and there are many options to suit everyone.

Kate continues her conversation with enthusiasm and admiration, there was an evening tour packed with many tourists, I enjoyed every moment of the trip, it was an experience that only happens once in a lifetime, so it will remain engraved in memory.
For her part, a tourist who previously visited the turtle reserve last year: We got a tour to see turtles in the reserve at five in the morning, we saw many nests and we saw turtles dig while laying eggs, and we enjoyed taking pictures and videos.

An informative science museum

The Museum of the Scientific Center of the Turtle Sanctuary in Ras Al Jinz is a scientific museum rich in information about the turtle, its way of life and life, and it is equipped with the latest technologies and activities to familiarize the visitor with its contents, especially the turtle life cycle, and is characterized by presenting offers in Arabic, German and English.
The museum displays five types of turtles, four of which lay their eggs on the beaches of the Sultanate, which are green, sheriff, romanian and olive, while the fifth type is ant turtles, and they are seen in Omani seas sometimes but lay eggs in other places in the world.

The museum includes a showroom explaining the stages of the life of turtles and corals in Oman, equipped with audio and video screens that display and talk about the life of turtles, and the museum contains illustrative pictures through which the visitor learns about the wildlife and ways to protect the turtles.
In the museum there is also a site for a three-dimensional screen that provides an explanation of the history of the Ras Al-Jinz area, the most important work carried out by the residents of the region and the most important industries and antiquities, in addition to a site that includes the most important holdings found in the region, a site for a Majan boat anthropomorphic made of sugar cane and a site for an anthropomorphic figure from the Bronze Age.

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