Al Mazyunah State: The population of 2010 and 8039 states was established on November 15, 1997. ِِAnd Al-Maziouna is located in the northwest of Dhofar province on the Omani-Yemeni border.

Al Mazyunah is the trade gateway between Oman and the Republic of Yemen and has a free trade area and the state is 280 kilometers from Salalah with a population of 2,700.

The state of Al Mazyunah is one of the largest states in terms of population density in the desert areas of the province, where the features of a modern city with integrated government services and urban planning befitting a border city are increasingly gaining importance in the plans and development projects witnessed by the province.

On behalf of Harweep: The Administrative Center was established on April 21, 1990, on an area of 33,250 square meters in the Najd area at the foot of a mountainous plateau overlooking the Harweb Valley, which is connected to the Wadi Aydum, which represents one of the longest large valleys in Dhofar province. Harweb is located in the north-west of The State of Rakiut and 184 km from the city of Salalah.

On behalf of Tosanat: The administrative center was established on behalf of Tosnat on April 21, 1990, on an area of 33,250 square meters, located on the Yemeni-Omani border to the south of The Province of Maziouna and 290 km away from the city of Salalah.

On behalf of Mitan: The administrative center was established on the district prosecutor’s office on an area of 33,250 square meters and is located on the behalf of Mitan in the north-west of Dhofar province on the outskirts of the Desert of the Empty Quarter and north of The Province of Maziouna, 360 kilometers away from the city of Salalah with a population of 600 inhabitants. The Prosecutor of Mitan is one of the border areas with the Republic of Yemen, which makes up the sand dunes most of its area, and this important geographical location and beautiful sandy nature have given the prosecution special importance.

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The geological geology of Al Mazyunah the Omani regions shifts, including the territory of Maziouna, which is known for its significance in its topographical area, situated in the north-west of Dhofar region on the Omani-Yemeni outskirt, and the state is 260 km away from the city of Salalah, which is one of the biggest desert zones in populace thickness and the state is seeing an advancement in business movement through the presence of the free zone, which is an entryway to numerous trains and trucks stacked with merchandise to the Republic of Yemen notwithstanding a few exercises that have started to quicken, for example, exercises, for example, business exercises, for example, the And compositional development and contracting.

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Al Mazyunah focused on the significance of the state as an objective for investigation and joy and is viewed as a stone of Short one of the most unmistakable vacationer destinations in the state, which rouses the zaaz in its round structure, as it is viewed as a significant site where weddings are held just as gatherings to settle numerous ancestral issues and exploit its area that keeps the shade for the duration of the day and its good ways from commotion and clamor to the city and here, which is called Ramla Cuella one of the significant attractions and locales proposed by sightseers and occupants through the foundation of the family and youth trips. Occupants are requesting that the state’s earth street courses be immediately distinguished and asphalted.

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Al Mazyunah likewise contains brilliant sands framed by the breeze in a wide range of structures, also the water bowls left by the air droppings notwithstanding the feeders and deluges plunging from the valleys where the peacefulness of the water is blended in with the splendor of the sand away from the commotion of urban communities and its light, the vacationer has shaped a superb common picture of the deserts and quarters, this has expanded the quantity of jelly prompt, particularly in winter and spring, and the area is seeing an enormous traveler stream from inside and outside the Sultanate and is arranging semi-every day outings of the Sultanate.