Dhalkut The way to the Wilayat of Dhalkut disregards mountains and through aqueducts with green trees which are especially rich and fragrant throughout the mid year – or khareef’- season. Lying along the shores of the Arabian Sea, Dhalkut is one of Oman’s most delightful wilayats – a dazzling mix of mountains and sea shores with a cutting edge town and serene towns.

Dhalkut is 160 Kilometers west of Salalah. To arrive at it, you drive to al Mughsail, at that point up the precarious winding Aqeeshan street to the Niyabat of Shahb As’eeb in the Wilayat of Rakhyut and from that point to Wadi Seeq and Dalkut. The oceans off Dalkut’s rough shore are brimming with fish and shellfish.

The Niyabat of Khadhrafi is inside Dalkut’s limits, alongside the settlements of Hafuf, Dahaq, Hakab, Himmut, Urf and Ghaduw and the sloping regions and plateaux of Dara, Sheerashti, Ghoota, Sarfait and Dharbat Ali. Dalkut verges on the Wilayat of Rakhyut toward the east and the Republic of Yemen toward the west.

Its fine sea shores have a lot of vacationer potential and it has springs streaming into the watercourses of Jabal al Qamar. Evidence that the territory was occupied numerous hundreds of years prior can be found in the caverns of Sheesaa’, Asbair, Mashlul and Hufrat Makrees, a few of which have old engravings on their dividers. Approximately three Kilometers east of the town is an old obscure tree known as Hiroum Dheeri (or “The Tree” From Far Away). Looking like a fig tree with an immense trunk, it has become an extraordinary image of the wilayat’s indigenous habitat.