Muqshin As its atmosphere is commonly not the same as that of the vast majority of the Sultanate’s different Governorates. date palms are an uncommon sight in the Governorate of Dhofar. A special case. notwithstanding, is the Wilayat of Muqshin, which has numerous desert gardens with date palms.

Muqshin, in the north east of the Governorate of Dhofar on the eastern edge of the Empty Quarter desert, has a populace of 529 and is 344 Kilometers from Salalah. It lies in the core of the desert and comprises to a great extent of sand rises. Be that as it may, it likewise has broad groundwater stocks since it is a gathering point for various watercourses which stream down from the Dhofar mountain range and al Najd into the sands.

It has been visited by various explorers and throughout the hundreds of years many exchanging processions have gone through it. Today it is a visitor goal, especially for novice pioneers and desert sports aficionados.

The Wilayat of Muqshin has four niyabats – Ramlat Muqshin, al Mushash, Mandar al Dhibyan and Marsawdad – just as various desert towns. Ramlat Muqshin is a zone of sand rises 420 Kilometers from Salalah.


Al Mushash. on the south-eastern edges of the Empty Quarter, is likewise a zone of sand hills and is connected to the focal point of the wilayat.

240 Kilometers away by a reviewed street. It is 400 Kilometers from Salalah. Mandar al Dhibyan. likewise on the south-eastern edge of the Empty Quarter, is connected to the focal point of the wilayat by a 160-Kilometer-since a long time ago evaluated street and is around 350 Kilometers from Salalah.

Marsawdad, on the southern edge of the Empty Quarter. is 105 Kilometers from the focal point of the wilayat and 216 Kilometers from Salalah.

In each of the niyabats there is a legislature constructed authoritative focus which offers the nearby occupants a scope of administrations.


Muqshin draws in campers and different guests throughout the winter months, when it has a gentle atmosphere. Some antiquated locales and actualizes found in the wilayat show proof of human settlement during the Paleolithic time frame

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