Rakhyut In old occasions the Wilayat of Rakhyut was a focal point of the frankincense exchange with a bustling harbor which used to trade frankincense, domesticated animals and creature items.

Rakhyut is an alluring shoreline town underneath the inclines of Jabal al Qamar close to the statures of Ambaruf. It is 145 Kilometers west of Salalah and fringes on the wilayats of Salalah toward the east and Dalkut toward the west.


Generally, Rakhyut has been popular for frankincense, creature cultivation and angling, while today its exquisite sea shores and tidal ponds guarantee that it offers enamoring sees whenever of the year. Its niyabat of Shahb As’eeb is 15 Kilometers from the focal point of the wilayat and turns into a region of emerald green during the khareef season.

Rakhyut Dhofar Oman destinations travel by wadstars
Rakhyut Dhofar Oman destinations travel by wadstars 2
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Rakhyut’s most mainstream vacationer sea shores lie underneath the mountain tops and incorporate Ras Sajer, Khorat, Keenzar, Shairooth, Daghar and Kanzur. Henna and tamarind trees develop in al Hawtah area, where there are various streaming springs.

At al Qazayeh the hints of an old human settlement can be seen including the remaining parts of a stone divider. Broad improvement has occurred in the wilayat under the Renaissance.

With numerous individuals visiting the Dhofar district for its cool breezes and dazzling green scene during the Khareef season, Rakhyut is a spot they should see while in Oman’s southern governorate. The Wilayat of Rakhyut is situated in the western piece of the Governorate of Dhofar.


It is one of the significant vacation spots in the Sultanate. A goal frequented by numerous visitors, because of its authentic inheritance, topographical and natural decent variety, Rakhyut is set in the core of the vacationer map.

Rakhyut is an open historical center to scientists and a quiet corner for admirers of common excellence and a famous goal for those enticed to ride the ocean and hiking, campers and desert pilgrims,” says the Ministry of Information.

“There are in excess of 25 water springs in Wilayat of Rakhyut, including A’alqot, Hiak, Neharat, Meshdid, Khidol, Nathdor, and Safar,” included the service.

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