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The wilayat likewise has various niyabats and towns. The mountain Niyabat of Teetam is 30 Kilometers from the city. Ghaduw and Qeiroon Hairiti – additionally 30 Kilometers from Salalah – are appealing outing spots with obscure trees. Zaik, around 38 Kilometers from Salalah, is on a level and turns into a mass of green trees and bushes during the stormy season. Alsan is 36 Kilome¬tres away in the north-east of the wilayat.

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There are additionally a few niyabats that are not associated topographically with the Wilayat of Salalah however go under its organization, including

Harweeb (184 Kilometers from the Salalah), Tawsnat (240 Kilometers away).

The Baleed locale is unmistakable among the archeological destinations vouching for the verifiable remaining of this district which was wrecked by the activity of unexpected cataclysms and of which today the remaining parts of the port quays, mosques, structures, and tombs lie spread over a huge region.

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The remnants of past ages duplicate in a striking manner when we get to Salalah city. There are three archeological destinations in Al Mughsil and hints of an old divider, just as pre-Islamic tombs in Razzat and the remaining parts of Old Rabat city. At Ain Hamran are the remains of an old stronghold and more pre-Islamic tombs; at Hasila, where the Prophet Saleh’s camel was butchered, a divider, water system channels and a well at the passageway to Wadi Nahiz. There are additionally three mosques, one of which, at Dahariz, is committed to Abdelaziz receptacle Ahmed. Another, the Aqil Mosque, is at East Salalah and the third is the Mosque of Abdullah Al Yamani in Awqad.

There are five strict sepulchers raised for, separately: the Prophet Ayoub at Ghadwa; Salem canister Ahmed receptacle Arabia at Raysut; Hud container Amer at Qairun Hirti; the Prophet Umran at Al Quf; and Junayd at Al Hosn.

Salalah has more than beautiful vestiges to offer by method for charm. The city is set against a land and seascape of incredible characteristic magnificence. Particularly striking are the shoreline of Raysut and Dahariz and Maghsil and Salalah; the view of Mughsil and Awqad and Belid and The city and Qurum; the springs of Razzat, Hamran, Jarziz, Aishint and Sahnout; the watercourses: Razzat, Nahiz, Arbut, Jarziz, Adwanb and Ashuq; and the uplands past Wadi Nahiz, just as Mount Hamrir and Mount Atin.

The wonder of this setting is supplemented by the many arranged gardens and stops which improve the city itself. The Public Park, Saada Public Park, Daharis, Ain Razzat and the New SALALAH, Quf and Moatazza Gardens are instances of these.

These normal attractions, in blend with the pleasing atmosphere of the Dhofar Governorate, have caused Salalah to turn into a supported hotel for voyagers from inside the nation and from abroad.

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