Taqah The Wilayat of Taqah is constantly referenced regarding Khor Rori – the site of the notable city of Sumhuram which prospered in antiquated occasions. Taqah lies on the Governorate of Dhofar’s beachfront strip between the wilayats of Salalah and Mirbat and is 30 Kilometers from the city of Salalah. It has two niyabats – Madinat al Haqq and Jibjat.

Madinat al Hagq disregards a region of ripe inclines and channels with a lot of common fields that become rich verdant knolls with green trees during the khareef and draw in huge quantities of guests.



The regions of Khabrart and Shaiheet are close by. The Niyabat of Jibjat additionally has green glades, just as a mellow atmosphere consistently. A pre-Islamic cemetery has been found on the eastern and western sides of Khor Sawli. The vestiges of old Taqah – around one Kilometer toward the west of the current town – are as yet standing.

Other nearby tourist spots incorporate Qasbar Fort on a ridge north of Khor Taqah spring and the old burial ground, which covers a region of around 60,000 square meters.

There are slashed limestone sections in the Dhrirat area, which are viewed as of significant importance. Toward the north of the town of Taqah, the remaining parts of stone dividers and different hints of a human settlement can be seen on the culmination of Jabal Masnain, around 1,500 feet above ocean level.

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Taqah Fort in the focal point of the town is a significant chronicled landmark dating from the nineteenth century AD which illus¬trates the abilities of the neighborhood engineers back then.

The legislature has reestablished it and caused it into a gallery with shows which incorporate old ancient rarities and crafted works. It has been available to the general population since 1994.

The Wilayat of Taqah’s other vacation destinations incorporates its silver seashores, its three springs at Darbat, Tubruq, and Athum, its caverns and its khors. Sardine angling is one of the most well-known occupations in the wilayat. Sardines are trapped in immense amounts during the season, at that point dried and utilized as creature grain

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