Musandam The Governorate lies in outrageous north of the Sultanate. It is isolated from the remainder of the Sultanate by a piece of UAE land. Its unpleasant mountains ascend to 1800 meters above ocean level. 

The Governorate of Musandam is recognized for its key area, with part of it known as Ras Musandam – disregards the global water section called the Strait of Hormuz. It is important that not the entire of the Strait is useful for the route.

The part reasonable for ocean route falls inside the regional waters of the Sultanate, which made Omanis shoulder an enormous duty in sorting out route in this Strait since the mature ages. The key significance of this Strait has expanded these days, as it went to be an intersection point to 90% of the Gulf’s oil dispatched to everywhere throughout the world.

The Governorate of Musandam comprises of four wilayats: Khasab. bukha, Daba Al Bayah and Madha. Khasab town is the provincial focus of the Governorate found 481 kilometers from the capital Muscat. Wilayat Khasab is arranged in the north corner of the governorate.

It has taken its name from the richness of its dirt, and it has a port (Khasab port). As respects Wilayat Daba AI Bayah, it is arranged in the southeast of Musandam. Its occupants rely upon angling, farming, and boat building.

Tourism activity is one among the booming and developing economic activities year after year, whether in terms of paying on investment in it or its revenues that are increasing with the increasing interest during this sector and therefore the Sultanate has been keen on developing and developing the tourism sector thanks to the good diversity within the tourism potentials, especially natural and its cultural landmarks. And cultural sectors that contribute to strengthening this sector and its contribution to increasing the value and providing job opportunities for Omani youth.

Natural ingredients

The Governorate of Musandam is exclusive in its natural marine lagoons and coastal water bodies with high steep sides that attract thousands of tourists annually thanks to its beauty, tranquility, and variety in coastal rock shapes. Among the foremost famous of those lagoons are Khor Najd, Khor Sham, Hablin and Khor Ghab Ali additionally to the scattered islands like Bird Island and therefore the Telegraph also. Clean golden sandy beaches suitable for camping and recreation, like the beaches of Qada,
Mokhi, Basa, Hoyut, and Sol, also because the tall mountains that stand tall and witness to the sweetness of nature within the governorate, like Harim Mountain, which is one among the very best peaks of the Musandam Mountains with a height of roughly 2,087 meters and therefore the Si Plain, which is found south of Khasab. An agricultural plateau with abundant trees and weeds, especially after the rains.

Historical ingredients

The cultural and historical components represented within the castles and forts are an integral component of the natural tourism assets, which give impetus and weight to the four states within the governorate in touch witness to a historical civilization established by man during a rugged mountainous environment and to stay a logo of giving and a logo of the challenge of the cruel nature, including the Khasab Castle,

which was restored in 1990 AD by the Ministry of National heritage and culture and therefore therefore the Ministry of Tourism is currently taking it as a historical museum displaying the march of the Omani man and the details of his mountain and marine life,
and there’s also the Bukha fort, the Siba fort, the Saqta graves, and therefore the ancient area of Sabtan, which is taken into account one among the foremost important shrines within the state of Dibba. Ancient tombs, rock drawings, and inscriptions dating back to pre-Islam, and among the foremost important archaeological tombs is that the cemetery (Al Samaka and Hajar Bin Hamid Cemetery) and there’s the most important private museum within the Sultanate that contains quite (13000) artifacts.

Given the importance of the tourism sector in Musandam Governorate, (Oman) conducted a series of meetings through which it monitored the foremost important aspects associated with this activity, including motivating factors et al. that represent challenges and difficulties during this pioneering sector of the economy.

Tourist strategy

Honorable Dr. Hassan bin Ali Al-Madhani, a member of the State Council, says that Godhead has loved the Governorate of Musandam with a singular and distinct geographical location, an exquisite nature, and a spread of tourism potentials within the geological diversity and topography of its four states, fertile and generous, Dibba and praise, and therefore the governorate is taken into account one among the foremost important tourist destinations within the Sultanate that tourists from all countries visit the planet,

for several purposes, including recreation and therefore the practice of some hobbies like hiking, diving, going to know archaeological sites, and also for the preparation of studies and research projects. He mentioned the prominent role of the Ministry of Tourism in promoting tourism services and tourism promotion for the governorate and other important roles that this ministry has given most of its attention to. He stressed the importance of developing long-term plans for tourism within the governorate,

enhancing investment during this diversified sector, and facilitating procedures for the tourist investor, which might help in revitalizing the tourism and economic movement within the governorate and providing job opportunities for the people of the province.

Investment incentives

Hamed bin Muhammad Zaman Al-Raisi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Branch in Musandam Governorate, he says that there are many incentives which will encourage investors to take advantage of the available opportunities within the tourism sector in Musandam Governorate, we mention the supply of the many beautiful sites and lands ready for investment and during which services are available the essential infrastructure of electricity, water, communications, etc

. and therefore the presence of the many supportive tourism facilities like restaurants, tourism and travel