Governorate of Musandam lies in outrageous north of the Sultanate. It is isolated from the remainder of the Sultanate by a piece of UAE land. Its unpleasant mountains ascend to 1800 meters above ocean level. Governorate of Musandam is recognized for its key area, with part of it known as Ras Musandam – disregards the global water section called the Strait of Hormuz. It is important that not the entire of the Strait is useful for route. The part reasonable for ocean route falls inside the regional waters of the Sultanate, which made Omanis shoulder an enormous duty in sorting out route in this Strait since the mature ages. The key significance of this Strait has expanded these days, as it went to be an intersection point to 90% of the Gulf’s oil dispatched to everywhere throughout the world. Governorate of Musandam comprises of four wilayats: Khasab. bukha, Daba Al Bayah and Madha. Khasab town is the provincial focus of the Governorate found 481 kilometers from the capital Muscat. Wilayat Khasab is arranged in the north corner of the governorate. It has taken its name from the richness of its dirt, and it has a port (Khasab port). As respects Wilayat Daba AI Bayah, it is arranged in the south east of Musandam. Its occupants rely upon angling, farming and boat building.