It is located on the western side of the Wilayat of Khasab, adjacent to the Emirate of Ras Al Khaima. Roughly 86 villages make up the Wilayat.

Several tourist attractions can be found there. In 1250 AH, Al Bilad, a fortress located in the center of the Wilayat, was built. There is additionally the stronghold of Al Qala’a, situated on a peak which can be obviously observed from everywhere throughout the Wilayat; likewise a demolished mosque in the west of the Wilayat, together with two manors and a spring in the town of Al Jadi. There are additionally numerous collapses in the mountains.


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Bukha its privileged location on the Arabian Gulf, the region of Bakha, located to the south of the Musandam governorate center in the Wilayat of Khasab, receives its visitors through the Dara border crossing, where it is in a longitudinal crescent shape to the west of the Musandam peninsula on the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

The temperatures exceed the high temperatures in the winter season, which leads to the flow of valleys in them and the moderation of the atmosphere, which contributes to the most important tourism movement and hiking in the winter in particular.

Stunning nature

and state of Buha is the first in tourism.
It offers all the services necessary for tourists.
There are many important natural constituents that were observed in the area surrounding the beach, of course, the area around the beach in the tourism areas in the surrounding areas, where these beaches were exploited, and the establishment of parks that included umbrellas and games, in addition to water and toilets, the state’s beaches witnessed a demand for islands. Families and small groups of friends dream of picnics and barbecues on the beach, as well as swimming from shallow, sandy beaches. Enjoy the clear water while hobby swimming.
This is in addition to the castles and forts, which are located at the foot of a plateau that overlooks the state, increasing the tourist demand for it, as two years the tourist can see all the natural vocabulary and the tourist elements of this region.
Flights with a group of sandy hills that adults and children climb up as a destination for flights.

A civilized landmark

The image has a distinct view of the state, Sultan Qaboos Mosque in the Wilayat of Bakha, which is one of the unique cultural landmarks overlooking the waters of the Arabian Gulf, so you can see the sights in Bahrain.
The Sultan Qaboos Mosque in the wilayat of Bakha stands tall, as it includes, in addition to afforestation works, green areas for the site, and small car parks for children.
The mosque consists of the main prayer hall that can accommodate 1088 worshipers, in addition to the women’s prayer hall, which can accommodate 120 worshipers.
It also contains the Great Mosque of a library, four studies, and two large minarets.
The Sultan Qaboos Mosque in the Wilayat of Bakha is one of the landmarks of the blessed renaissance that was introduced to the series of developmental achievements that the state witnessed during the Al-Zahir period. The beautiful Islamic Mosque, which combines ancient civilization and modern architecture, is a landmark that increases the state’s beauty and prosperity.

Enterprise development

Tourism is a timely one of the states of the Sultanate with many services and development projects in various fields that work in the field of planning and commercial projects in various fields that it completes and its plans in the field of planning and public events both quantitatively and qualitatively year after year
It was placed in the form of distribution stations and various areas in the state, in addition to the strengthening of pumping, and he purchased the state’s drinking water desalination plant with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters.
The authority seeks for the drinking water week to all areas of the state of Bakha, as the station works to desalinate the water coming from the sea, spreading it to the state’s reservoirs and then to residential and urban complexes in the state of Bakha.
Of the most important projects in the state of the state, and a new project, the industrial projects in the project, the project in the industrial projects of the province, and it is a new project in the joint projects in the industrial projects and the province from the coming projects.
The Khasab Coastal Road is considered to Bukha – the fertility of the vital and important roads in the only land crossing that connects the state of Bakha with the body of the Sultanate, passing through the UAE, with what the road witnesses of rocky and falling of rock masses, some of which are traffic accidents and to the road, which leads to traffic stops, far from The areas located in this road, a continuation of the flow of movement across the sea.

Tourism development

Tourism in Bukha began to enjoy sightseeing through these wonderful projects in enjoying its natural areas, orchards, and parks, which are a cultural front. Tourism projects in the state, a project to develop a solution park, as the Hell area is one of the areas that directly overlook the sea, and it is expected that they will receive tourists from the beach and the extended sandy beaches, as local tourists prefer the neighboring countries to the region due to the picturesque nature and tranquility in it, which contributed to the prosperity of tourism The project is to provide the park with the basic and necessary base for it, including corridors, breaks, various aesthetic elements, and a variety of service games.


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