Muttrah city of exchange and endeavor, with its port and business quarter. Muttrah has a populace of 154,316 living in eight private locales: Muttrah City, Greater Muttrah, Al Wattie, Ruwi City, Wadi Addi, Annat, Qurum (east of the Nature Park), and the Port of Al Fahl.

The Wilayat of Muttrah is checked among the most significant of the six Wilayats in Muscat Governorate, by virtue of its old chronicled and social remaining; for it was Oman’s old exchanging port and its suq was the chief wellspring of the numerous and various merchandise transferred from the port to the next suqs of Oman. It is said that it was once likewise a ripe spot a lot of developed with date palms and different trees, watered by aflaj and sweetwater wells from which the residents, plantations and visiting ships were provided.

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Muttrah brags a number archeological and vacationer tourist spots looking like fortresses, dividers, towers, aflaj, and waterways, just as parks and gardens.

Muttrah Fort referred to prevalently as Koot Muttrah is one of the most unmistakable of the 13 strongholds dissipated all through the Wilayat. It has six towers, worked under the Portuguese during their control of Muscat after 1578. It was the seat of government during the standard of Sultan Said receptacle Sultan Al Bousaidi and possesses a raised site on the mountain sitting above the Muttrah coast.

Among different posts are: Al Rouja, Mattirah Al Fanateef, Jebel Kalbou, Luzum, Hukum, Al Reeh, Sanjouri, Al Gharifa, Bahwar, Beit Falaj and Shaji’aia.

The most striking of the dividers in this Wilayat the one which runs from the south to the northern mountain. Known as Sur Ruwi, it has a door the middle which can with avocation guarantee to Muscat’s first access entryway on the northern interested. It was developed to manage access to capital when the Sultan container Ahmed Al Bousaidi to this as his seat of government.

Muttrah has another three dividers: Sur Al Lawati, Sur Muttrah Al Qadim, and Sur Jabarou.

There are two towers, one of them on the high mountain at Zarafia which takes its name – BoZarafia – from this spot. The other littler pinnacle arranged at the most noteworthy point in the Wadi Khalfan.

Two aflaj go through this distriFalaj Al Wattie. Different comes out of the ground at Wadi Al Kebir and goes underneath the Beit Al Falaj. Consequently its name Falaj Al Falaj.

Muttrah has a sum of 16 Widian, the most.important of them Al Harith, Al Aseel, Al Naqa, Al Walja, Al Hamaria, Dar Seit, Maysah Al Awd and Wadi Al Kebir.

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