Seeb deceives the west of the Wilayat of Bowshar, possessing a thin portion of coastline along the edge of the Gulf of Oman for a separation of 50 kms. Its populace is around 300,267 people disseminated among 24 towns and townships.

AL Khoudh 

AL Khoudh

Manta hail

Burj Al Sahwa


Seeb fuses various locales of recorded intrigue, the most critical of these being the bastion of Al Khodh, Jifnin, Raseel, Al Kharas, and Al Saleel Towers just as the towers of Wadi Al Haya. It has two dividers, one of which, Sur Jimma, demonstrated valuable in the resistance of the township of Wadi Al Lawami 200 years back. The second, Sur Al Rawia, known as Beit Al Rawia or Al Rawia House, comprises of six chambers and a liwan. It was constructed somewhere in the range of 150 years prior.

Beit Al Awad or Al Awad House is at Al Khodh. Established in 1886 AD, it has a story zone of 1,200 sq. meters. Wilayat Al Seeb has around 140 mosques.

One of the most huge sights in this Wilayat are the areas of Al Manuma, Al Khodh (inside), the shore of Al Hail, the Daymaniyat Islands, Al Khodh Park, Al Sahwa Tower Al Nasim Park, Al Mawalih, Al Maasila, Al Rusyail, Al Jirou, Al Jifnain, Al Mirorat and Al Bunoud

Traditional Occupations of seeb

Among the conventional craftsman specialties and abilities are the weaving of palm fronds, Al Ghal, fabric weaving, the incense exchange, marine artworks, article of clothing making, gold and silver adornments specialty and angling.

The Wilayat additionally has various acquired customary traditions and practices, the most well-known of which is a neighborhood type of bullfighting, in a structure that rejects injury of the creatures, ordinarily rehearsed on vacation and relaxation events. The onlooker members amass, as a rule at a scene on the edges of the town, and structure a human chain.

The challenge currently starts, appearing as an arrangement races. The contenders run between two bulls, the race being umpired by an individual capable in this errand and alluded to as the “Colonel.

Meanwhile the human chain of observers around the pitch follows the procedures with power much the same as that of soccer fans. The triumphant bull is feted all through the Wilayat and can anticipate a superior cost in the market for his prosperity.

This Wilayat has its conventional occupations and customs as well, among them camel hustling, circumcision, Al Tabseel (date assortment and handling), Al Judad, recounting the Qur’an, Al Taymina (presentation of sonnets when youngster is one year old) and Al Halqa (pre-Eid souq) just as festivity of the happy events and wedding feasts which have large amounts of Oman. Mainstream games are snatchball, played with the product of the date palm, rope pulling, date palm shinning, singlestick fencing, bouncing, Al Fakees, Al Darwaza, Al Lataj and, Al Karabia (conventional games). Al Ghouizia, Al Shell, Al Joum and Ain Al Sara’a.Wilayat Muttrah