Wadi Shab and Bimmah Sinkhole Private Full Day Tour

Wadi Ash Shab, Oman (3)
from/per group OMR 31.00
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  • Free Green Tea
  • free water bottles
  • Towels


Wadi Shab and Bimmah Sinkhole Private Full-Day Tour

Overview In Oman, Wadi Shab is a renowned outdoor destination. The wadi shab’s major appeal is the cave’s waterfall, which you may reach after a 40-minute climb and bathing in 2-3 pools. People enjoy visiting this wadi because it is not far from Sur. The pools are always brimming with crystal pure blue water! Come see for yourself why the wadi is so popular. *Pick up and drop off from any location in Sur.

Travel in comfort in an old private car with Wi-Fi

*Hike with a nonprofessional tour guide and swim in a cave.

Lunch is not included

Please bring them with you:

Swimming attire Case that is waterproof Sunscreen Shoes for the water Changing into dry clothing.

What’s in include:

All Taxes and Fees

Private transportation is available.

A vehicle with air conditioning

Water in a bottle
The tour guide who isn’t licensed

Wi-FI in the car only.

Itinerary of What to Expect

Wadi Shab is a good place to come to a halt. Wadi Shab is a place in Wadi Shab. Among the many dry mountains, there lies a natural valley of sweet water. It is a natural wonder that must be seen to appreciate the beauty that has been produced. 4 hours in length Ticket for Admission Is Included

Bimmah Sinkhole is a good place to stop. Bimmah Sinkhole is a water-filled depression in the limestone of eastern Muscat Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman, which is fundamentally a sinkhole. It’s a turquoise-colored lake that’s 50 meters long by 70 meters broad and around 20 meters deep. The sinkhole was created by the breakdown of the underlying limestone, which caused the surface layer to collapse. Locals, on the other hand, think it was formed by a meteorite known as ‘Hawaiyat Najm,’ which translates to ‘The Falling Star’ in Arabic, hence the name. To protect the sinkhole, the local government built Hawiyat Najm Park (Haweat Najm Park), which has a stairway leading down to the lake. 1 hour in length Free Admission Ticket.


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