Turtle Beach Reserve at Ras AL Jinz Trip from Sur


Explore the Wonders of Oman: Turtle Beach Reserve Tour at Ras Al Jinz

Embark on a magical journey along the eastern coast of Oman with our Turtle Beach Reserve Tour at Ras Al Jinz. This enchanting experience offers a unique opportunity to witness the nesting and hatching rituals of sea turtles, including the endangered green turtle. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Turtle Beach Reserve, creating lasting memories for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.



7:00 pm: Departure from Sur
As the sun sets, meet us at the designated point in Sur and hop aboard our comfortable transport. Let the excitement build as we journey towards the Turtle Beach Reserve.

Guided Tour of the Reserve:

Discover the secrets of the sea turtles during a guided tour. Learn about their habitats, the diverse flora and fauna of the reserve, and ongoing conservation efforts. Engage with passionate guides who share their insights with enthusiasm.

Nighttime Turtle-Watching Tour:

As night falls, experience the beach’s magical ambiance on our nighttime turtle-watching tour. Observe sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, guided by the soft glow of the moon and stars. Our guided approach ensures minimal disturbance, allowing you to witness this ancient ritual in its natural splendor.

Baby Turtles Hatching:

The pinnacle of the evening awaits as baby turtles hatch from their nests. Marvel at these tiny creatures making their way to the sea, illuminated by the moonlight. It’s a poignant moment symbolizing the delicate balance of life and nature.


11:00 pm Р11:30 pm: Tour Conclusion 

Reflect on the enchanting encounters of the evening. Board the transport for a leisurely return to Sur, cherishing the memories of a night filled with awe-inspiring moments.


Approximately 11:30 pm – 12:00 am: Return to Sur
Arrive back in Sur with a heart full of memories and a newfound appreciation for Oman’s coastal ecosystems.

Pricing and Booking:

For inquiries and reservations, contact us via WhatsApp at +96894573331 or email booking@wadstars.com.


Pricing and itinerary may vary based on the tour provider and availability.
Book in advance to secure your spot and ensure a seamless Turtle Beach Reserve Tour experience.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our Turtle Beach Reserve Tour at Ras Al Jinz, where the wonders of nature come to life on the shores of Oman. Discover, learn, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
Enhance Your Experience with Subheadings and Smooth Transitions:

As we guide you through the Turtle Beach Reserve Tour at Ras Al Jinz, delve deeper into the itinerary with our distinct subheadings. Each section promises a unique encounter with nature, from guided explorations to the mesmerizing nighttime turtle-watching tour and the heartwarming spectacle of baby turtles hatching.

A Seamless Journey:

Transition seamlessly from one enchanting experience to the next, ensuring your adventure is not only immersive but also flows effortlessly. Join us on this remarkable excursion, where the beauty of Oman’s coastal ecosystems unfolds under the moonlit sky.


With subheadings and smooth transitions, your Turtle Beach Reserve Tour becomes a narrative of discovery, creating an engaging and easy-to-follow exploration of the wonders that await you at Ras Al Jinz.

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4 Hours

Tour Type

Wildlife Safari

Group Size





Embark on a magical journey along the eastern coast of Oman with our Turtle Beach Reserve Tour at Ras Al Jinz.


  • Green tea or black coffee
  • Drinking water


  • entry fee